Gear Wanker thread Mk II

I’d buy the Boss pedal off you only I’ve nothing to use it with!

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Done by the keyboardist from Cymbals Eat Guitars if you didn’t know also (probably did)

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Would you consider any (reasonable) offers?

I did! Great band, great pedals.

Happy to consider things, sure. Drop me a DM.

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I’ve considered something like that, but it feels like adding stuff back in. I have a bunch of great plugins that I’ll probably stick to for now. See how things go before adding more stuff back into the mix.

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One of the best 2010 guitar bands, think they are well underrated

I know I bang on about it a lot but the helix range is really great, completely nails most of the classics, has a sprinkling of more esoteric stuff, and lets you combine things in such a way to make your own weirdness (though think the hxfx is a bit limited having just the two paths), and the whole thing is as simple or as complicated as you make it

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They really were! Joe’s lyrics and songwriting are fantastic. I reckon his voice and the twisty-turny nature of the songs were a barrier to some. Should have been much bigger than they were.

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“There was a man who killed a state trooper” might be my favourite opening line to a song ever - and I think about the lyrics to Tunguska pretty often on sunny days

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:frowning: for the selling but also :grinning: as I’m going to have a good look at these!

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I’ve always loved the lyrics to Cold Spring. Such a great storyteller!

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feel like i’m almost ready to start making some music

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The Greatest Showman Lol GIF by Sky

Look I won’t hear a bad word said against that band’s live guitar sound


They have a guitarist hidden backstage. Licence to rock revoked.

dont let him hear you say that


Really did not know that. Thought it was just U2 that did that

I believe he is allowed onstage now and I for one am very strongly in favour of the live Biffy Clyro guitar sound and all of its contributors


Probably Axe-Fx

Yep! Not that I’m a fan, but I’d assumed they were a regular rock band. Watching a YouTube of them live (lord knows why) I realised that there were extra guitar parts being played. Assumed ‘tape’, but research showed that actually it was a secret, backstage guitarist!!!

Absolutely bonkers imo.