Gear Wanker thread Mk II

i’m definitely ordering some this month finally but you’ve really weakened my resolve at going for the classic set …

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this sounds absolutely fucking bonkers, amazing

i had plans to get a POG back in the day and never did … i was into so much stuff that involved pedal tweaking but i never committed to anything fun or unusual. Might have to dive into the weird pedal world already

Straight in! They build them for jazzmaster sized slots, part of the reason I went for em

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seriously tempting

@ericVII I’ve found the solution to your DAW issues:

Literally downloading it now

always toyed with the idea of changing the pots in my jazzmaster, but then think the same sounds are there with the 1meg pots you can just turn the tone down, but then it would be good if I could just leave it maxed out and it sound good rather than ice picky and noisy. only just occurred to me there is that whole other rhythm circuit going spare, could just change the tone pot in those to something more typical

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intrigued by the EHX Pitchfork + pedal, it is two pitch shifters, but the interesting thing is that x-mod option that lets you cross modulate them which makes very basic FM synthesis possible, that seems pretty revolutionary to me, weird that it is buried away as a probably not often used feature in a pitch shifter pedal rather than they build a whole pedal around it

think i might finally bin off cubase after this debacle with steinberg:

what are some decent, inexpensive DAWs for PC? think reaper looks a little bit too basic and have never loved ableton but might be worth another bash.

unless any of them need a USB dongle in which case weird companies GO AWAY

Fuck any sort of dongle thing. Ableton is great imo, they’ve really improved it the past iteration with stuff that it was missing (like comp recording) and has a really amazing educational discount (40%!) if you can blag that.

Studio One 5 is pretty great. Big fan of the fact that it has different layouts for recording/mixing and mastering. Lots of quality of life inclusions in the way it works.

I’m back to writing and recording in ableton but do all mastering in Studio one, as well as some mixing for more complicated tracks.

Cakewalk remains fine; free

been playing through some really cheap logitech speakers, as I’m sick of using headphones but am hooked on stereo and don’t want to sit at my desk where my proper monitors are. surprised it sounds fine, saved myself buying a couple of FRFR speakers.

can’t get enough of stereo effects now, can just stand there for ages playing one chord and hearing it ripple back through a multi tap stereo delay