Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Just ordered a Reverberation Machine (been considering one for years) for the cheapest price I’ve seen in months, while in a rural coastal cliff walk

Isn’t the Internet great/scary

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I sure they used to kick around for £500ish just in the last year or two …

Built a clone of that, it’s pretty fun pedal. Mine has an added modification with a momentary switch that kicks it into swelling oscillations

It was that or the Caroline Meteore (and that had a similar momentary switch?) but read some dodgy stuff about the extreme pre delay putting people off that

Think the Meteore is another Belton brick one, isn’t it, so I imagine that works much like mine. Been a while since I’ve used it as it’s on my board, which, well, I don’t get out at home, but I feel like larger echos have a distinctive slap back. Not sure how true to the original it is, tbh.

this is arriving tomorrow

weighs 28kg apparently

:confused: :grimacing:

any guesses?

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200 Metal Zones

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it’s almost the exact opposite of that

1 Klon

Next guitar auction on the 16th and 17th. For the love of GOD someone needs to buy this bass if it goes for anywhere near the estimate. These are £1k+ new and my Lakland Skyline jazz bass is still the nicest instrument I’ve ever played.

Ffs Epimer. I was just about to go to sleep but now I have to browse an entire auction

Correction: two entire auctions (part two is amps and keyboards and stuff)

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There’s a Moogerfooger and a WEM tape echo


Really want that original cell of The Glove from Yellow Submarine


There’s also a Minimoog Model D which os neber gonna go for as low as the estimate

How do I bid?

Create account, log in, spend the entire day watching the stream tick up through dozens of very similar strats and acoustics until it gets to the one thing you want.

Oh they’ve added an autobid option now if you scroll down a bit. That’s cool.

There’s 26% in VAT and sellers fees above your bid price so careful on that Neve bid

A lot of good stuff in here. If you were looking for a very good Les Paul for very little cash this Yamaha Lord Player would be incredible value for money.

Look what you’ve done to me Epimer

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