Gear Wanker thread Mk II

When I wake up with an idea on my head I try to play it on keyboard/synth to firm it up first, otherwise I’ll end to resorting to muscle memory or familiar patterns on a guitar neck and lose it.

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Ta! Might wait until a couple of my pedals sell on Reverb so it’s less of a risky purchase. I’m intrigued by the idea of running the Mel9 through it.

Same as the lowest sale here

So I figure that it’s a no-loss (probably a profit) resale if I get it and don’t love it

I do this

Here is my remedy

(I sing the riff into the phone)


I’ve tried that but somehow my string quartet line sounded a bit crappy when sung hungover into a phone

No idea why :smiley:

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This is not the VCS3 Behringer:

Oh I would shreddd on that.

On the 7th one in the list, I assume you moaned the riff into the phone.


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metal pickguard on my JM

  • silver
  • gold
  • neither

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also actually

  • pickguard
  • scratchplate

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really bored of white though so will need to make some sort of change

Mother of pearl

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I think I can justify this, after all I dont have a jaguar

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To my taste that tort pick guard really doesn’t go well with the purple

need a vintage mint green or a white one …or maybe a chrome one?

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Maybe black

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yeah, that could work

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With those ‘ker-azy’ limited colour/shape combos (like the Jaguar), I always think it’d be weird that everybody had the same colour. Sort of defeats the object.

Turn up to play a gig and the support band uses a sunburst telecaster like your sunburst telecast; no problem! It’s a sunburst telecaster!

Same with a purple Jag copy and suddenly there’s an awkward costume clash…

I like it, but it needs a white or mother of pearl scratchplate. Purple and red is a terrible combo.

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