Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Sounds good on first go! Would be a bit plinky as my main guitar, but its going back to mum’s to replace my (unnecessarily expensive) Tele there - and for the money this seems great and loads of fun. Very well put together, not a single flaw, very comfy. Definitely on the thinner side tonally but very useable, punchy, good range between pickup positions. Can’t ever see myself using the out-of-phase settings though, and heavier than expected for such a wee thing

Bridge has been turned hardtail due to previous owner struggling with the trem, and pretty happy to leave it that way tbh rather than have to deal with a second offset floating trem situation …


I have current custody of my daughter’s Mustang, and I find it very,very hard to put down once picked up. They’re very, very fun items, deffo.

So many 'very’s.

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Ordered a couple of things from GuitarGuitar. It did not go well.

Firstly ordered a bass drum pedal, Mapex Tornado. What arrived? A Mapex Tornado drum stool. Phoned them up, I can just go to the shop tomorrow and swap it out, no big deal

Then a bit later I opened the bigger part of the order was a banjo for my wife’s birthday.

Arrived with the headstock snapped clean off!

Support phone line is shut and I’m sure they’ll sort it, but still!!

Only came shipped from Paisley to Glasgow so it must’ve been broken already when they sent it.


Oh yuck. That sort of thing is a ruddy nightmare; I always assume it’ll drag on for weeks, athough it rarely does these days. Hope it gets sorted super-quick!

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Yeah they’ve got a store nearby so I’m sure it’ll be fine!

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If only this was £450. You can get a Digikat for the price of the drumlogue is you hunt about 2nd hand

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A bit more gets you a TR8S (and you could definitely get a TR8S for less 2nd hand), and I know which one I’d rather have, especially the way Roland have continued to support it (they added an entirely new FM drum synth engine recently). Not sure who this is for, if I’m honest.

I treated myself to a Moog Subsequent 25 a couple of months back and I’ve been struggling a bit with it to get the kind of sounds out of it I was aiming for - everything sounded loud and dirty and noisy, which is great but a very particular kind of sound and I’ve been aiming for clean, fat sounding basses and couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

Turns out I should have read the manual, because it’s (a) really clear, well written and actually designed to be read and teach you how to use the instrument and (b) explains that the mixer section is designed so that everything above 50% overdrives the filter on input. Backing off the oscillators by a half and suddenly it’s the lovely, clean, fat sounding bass I’d been hunting for.

It’s not often these days that manuals are designed to be read and actually teach you stuff - I’m used to the Roland/Korg style of thing where you basically get a Getting Started guide which tells you how to turn it on and the names of each of the controls, and a technical spec which is an tissue-paper A2 sheet printed in 7 languages in 4pt font that says things like “9: FLTR MOD ADSR SND LVL” and assumes you know what that means.


On this subject, I was very pleased to find that the Hydrasynth comes with a chunky printed manual that does a great job of explaining everything it can do very well. Like you I’m tired of crap “quick start” guides and little else. I’d far rather flick through a manual than try and follow some synthfluencer’s YouTube guide.

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Moog are the absolute best for this. All the extra case candy - stickers, poster, patch book, cable pouch & thorough manual - that came with my Matriarch are great. They’re also, much like their hardware, fantastically designed

Employee-owned company too

Great bunch of synth manufacturers


Please don’t

Sorry that should have been in quotation marks to indicate my disdain. See also synthstagram. Both can get fucked.


I really love that, not only does it walk through (in detail, but also in a super-accessible way) what everything does, it also has suggestions for things to try doing with a particular feature to get your head around what it does to the sound and how you can use it.

And yeah, all the stickers and posters and stuff were pretty fun too :slight_smile:


GG have always been great for me, but only ever dealt with the shops in person. That’s some rough luck

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Also I miss my banjo :frowning:

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I may have ordered the G&L thinline upstream… Hoping not to be posting a photo of a smashed up guitar later on!

hope you manage to get it all sorted

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All sorted, they’re just going to send out another one — I opted to collect it from the store so they can check it before I take it home :sweat_smile:


You will not be sorry. They are a really lovely thing.

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It’s here, and I’m the opposite of sorry!


Big wah vs mini wah. Borrowed the big one off a mate to test the wah wah waters. Satified my fuzz plus wah = instant joy jollies. Ordered up a bargain mini cry baby on eBay and it’s a little gem. Popped it in vintage M mode and stuck it on the board. Hours of fun on a lazy weekend.

Edit: full board is like this.

I’ve tried very hard keeping it to a minimum the last couple of years since I got into pedals. Used to have them strewn on the floor but got a Pedaltrain Mini a year ago to keep it tidy and make setting up quicker. I play with an Orange Crush 60 with an Eminence Red Coat Governor so tend to not use boosts or overdrives as the dirt on that is peachy good. Swapped out various fuzzes and delays too many times but this set up suits my needs nicely, especially now the wah is in there.
R to L = Polytune Noir tuner >
Cry Baby Mini Wah >
Fredric Effects Demon Fuzz, based on a late 70’s IC Muff Fuzz with clipping switch and one knob for volume, it’s aces >
Boss DD3 delay >
Fredric Effects West Germany Tremolo, lovely sounding trem with a speed switch >
Death By Audio Reverberation Machine, I love this thing, turn the verb beyond 12 o’clock and white noise and other artifacts enter the scene, switch between a bright spring reverb and a dark cavernous one, then blast it all with the altitude knob. Turn the verb right down, whack the altitude up and you have an aces distorted overdrive sound. It’s fecking loud too. Pairs up great with the amps gain channel or the fuzz.