Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Not sure of your price range but this article (and related articles) should help you out

But for a brand new weighted digital piano you’re looking at the £550-£700 mark for starters

cool! thanks so much, will have a gander

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Oof this looks pretty special

Says a lot that these days you see something for £2,600 and think not bad.

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Can I interest you in an artisinal strat with two humbers and a pointy headstock.


depends on the type of fret wire used.

A pal of mine (a pro with a big pro studio) has the 12 voice one of these. When he got it he had been a modular purist for years but he fell in love with the UDO and wouldn’t leave it alone for about half a year. Now he hasn’t touched it in months and has bought a new half wall of modular stuff :man_shrugging:t2:

they’re very nice though, aye. Makes me pine for my old Jupiter 6 (which it’s very much modelled after)

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I’ve managed to grab one on eBay for cheap - thanks for offer though!

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Which colour is best dya reckon?

The white one with a black pickguard.


I like the butterscotch one


My vote also.


What is the best looper pedal for a 12 year old? They’ll mainly be playing guitar through it but maybe a mic input would be good too.

Instinct is telling me the basic Boss one is best as it won’t break, but would like to hear suggestions please - anything on the cheap side is welcome too

Have that tiny black Sonicake one from Amazon. Works fine. Simple to use. I use it for writing, not MODERN music so advanced features are of no use to me.

Cost peanuts.

Boss loop pedals tend not to have a mic input, unless it’s the VE-20 Vocal Performer. I have that and it’s great for vocals but overkill for guitar, even though you can just use it as a looper if you want.

The RC-1 one would be perfectly fine, RC-5 has a load of presets that the 12 y/o might have fun playing with. Just get an XLR to 1/4" adapter and they can use the mic too.

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butterscotch on one of those is different + therefore cooler


still need to properly learn how to use my RC-big bastard with three pedals

want to figure out the bypass mode, think it has a hidden one but idk

or just to fix the way it causes ‘tone suck’ or whatever you’d call it