Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Ohh good lord there’s a chase bliss mk2

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Came in here to post this - do I need this and my mood?


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I’ll buy your mood if you buy mkII :joy:

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generation loss is surely the chase bliss to remortgage on

Managed to test recording last night, also working fine. VU meters and the tape counter aren’t working though, might crack the case open at some point to take a look at them. Oh and the headphones out only works on the left. Line outs are fine though.

It sounds confusingly good for a 50 year old bit of gear that’s been in someone’s loft for about two decades going by the dust I cleaned off it.


Just ordered these Model T and Life Pedal clones from a dude in Australia.

Can’t wait to mess around with them, just hoping I don’t get absolutely hammered on import taxes.

No idea how they’ll sound going into the Iridium though…


Obvs no idea on those specific pedals, but the thing that really sold me in the iridium is how naturally it responds to drive pedals. They sound like they sound through an amp to my ears. I’ve never felt that with older gen amp modelling stuff I’ve had

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Agreed with what I’ve put through it so far (Boss OD3 and a Muff).

Can get some fantastic sounds straight into headphones. Has completely changed how often I play guitar with a 18 month old kid in the house.

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Checkout total including shipping? Genuinely have eyes for the Life Pedal clone and wondering whether the shipping plus import would be more than buying a V3 from a shop in the UK.

For both pedals, shipping and (allegedly) taxes, is was 217GBP, which seems like an insane deal.

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And the fact it is hand built by some metaller in Tasmania adds to the mystique.

Dude has a Pedals for Ukraine page too, has he seen me coming?


Rokits are decent enough active monitors for the price, right. Are there any others anyone thinks I should take a look at?

The room they’ll be in (my basement) will be turds but I want to get something semi-reasonable anyway.

Adam audio review well :person_shrugging:

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Focal maybe

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Bit spenny I think

T5V looks interesting, thanks!

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(But thanks, I meant to say :crazy_face:)

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Im pretty pleased with my M Audio bx5 d3. Very plebby, but so is my budget! Mix with them happily enough though.

When I was looking there seemed to be loads of broken Rokits on ebay. Dunno if they overheat or summat.

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Alpha 50s about 380 quid for a pair. Not cheap but not far off similar from Adam or KRK maybe.

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