Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Ah ok not sure I saw them!

Thanks! I’ll add them to the list

I have these. Seem good to me!

A pair of Yamaha HS5s is always a decent shout (or 7s or 8s depending on the room size & budget)

The white HS5 s look nice

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Hope everyone who’s got a Digitech Bad Monkey lying around is getting in on the action and flogging it for a few hundo :pray:


I have one and use it regularly for speaker simulation, without turning the pedal on.
Could always flog it and get something cheaper from the same series for the same purpose I suppose.

I thought it was an interesting video - is he saying that the Bad Monkey is great, or that those expensive ODs can also sound like a Bad Monkey?

@AttackDuck just finished sorting my new guitar out with new stuff. I’m very much liking the look of it!


Perhaps a bit of a long shot but…

has anyone here ever sourced a set of Moogerfooger replacement feet? The only place I can seem to find the generic part (rubber bumpers) of the right size is in the States.

I need 4 and they sell them in bags of 25 for $12 - which is great but the shipping costs $70 and there’ll be customs on top of that

Should be an easy part to source right? But in Sweden I’ve only found the same part like 10 sizes too big


Has you tried putting that 9405K71 in google? It might pull up a sku and you should be able to find the part off it, internationally. Guessing they are used for loads of different things?

It’s an aerospace part.

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I’d be checking AliExpress:

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good shout but none of these are quite right

I have 3 moogerfoogers & ideally they’d all need to sit at exactly the same height, the one that’s the right height has the wrong taper …though I guess maybe that doesn’t matter so long as it sits tight. I’ll order some 11 x 9 x 6

cheers. I wonder what part of an airbus 380 requires these?

express appears to mean it will take a month

That is a lovely looking thing. Part Tele part Jazzy = a jazzcaster? I can see a Squier decal on the headstock, tell more, it’s a beaut.

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Offset tele.

@Badgerdeluxe got custom pickguard to allow Bareknuckle p90 and tele bridge pickup swap (plus saddles and stuff) which is what I fitted.

It’s pretty damn cool, gotta say.


An offset tele eh, very nice. I’m off to Google that. The whole shebang looks very neat and very cool.

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It’s part of that squier paranormal series. 350-400 quid new, but picked that up for 220 on eBay.
There’s also a fender Japan version for about a grand.

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Here’s a latest shot of my gear. I’d been fiddling with the pedal set up for a while, settling on a definitive but than swapping out a fuzz or delay for something new. Gone full circle on the Fuzz War, it was my first fuzz a couple of years back then sold it for something smaller/cheaper, then went through about 6-7 different fuzzes and now back to the Fuzz War. It is kind of awesome. I’m liking it at the mo with the fuzz turned right down, which is still fuzzy as fuck but it can go banana crazy after that. The DD3 isn’t a cool or romantic pedal but I’ve gone through plenty of delays, analogue and digital, and this one sits nicely in my set up. The silver box on the right is just an amp switch, clean/dirty and reverb. Fredric Effects Tremolo is lovely and warm, got a great pulse to it. I did buy an EQD Hummingbird to possibly replace it but had no love for that at all so sold it on pronto. The Reverberation Machine is fabulous, the gain (altitude) knob alone is a great gritty gain.
I’m getting deja-vu now, I may have posted all this shit months back. Hmmmm. Sorry if I have. I keep getting the urge to add in something else, maybe a Phase 90, low octave or something weird and wonderful (the Holy Island Audio pedal maker keeps catching my eye online)…but then I like things simple and tell myself to stop. Is 5 pedals plus a tuner and amp switch simple though?


Ah yeah, the paranormals, that’s where I’ve clocked it before.

You possibly want a Fat Bat that’s had very little use…


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That’s a lot of rat bat in one pedal. I shall have a listen to some demo’s later at home. Not that I need any more gain pedals in my life right now…I don’t think. Maybe I do.

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