Gear Wanker thread Mk II

It’s too much rat for me. I thought I wanted maximum rat, but I am out-ratted. None more rat.

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I’ve ordered random bits and pieces a few times from various sellers and stuff usually turns up a little quicker than the delivery estimates, but yeah, the name could do with some work.

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Have you tried emailing Moog directly? They’re a pretty small company all things considered, they hand-make all the gear, it’s employee owned and that, so I’d reckon there’s a decent chance they could help out or at least point you in the direction of somewhere that could…

I have left a message to their customer support yeah. Not had an answer (2 weeks now). They discontinued the Moogerfoogers ages ago too so :man_shrugging:t2:

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Ah, bummer. Rando import website it is, then :frowning:

They’ve already shipped from AliExpress apparently :+1:



Do I need a compressor pedal for noodling on my guitar? That’s the question I keep asking myself when I’m hovering over an MXR Dyna comp purchase. Some videos of compressors leave me wondering what magic is going on, they can be subtle. I love Earth and Dylan Carlson’s playing and tone and he swears by a comp, says it transformed his playing. Do they level out your picking/strumming so much that if you like dynamics and a loud pluck followed by a quiet thumb strum that it all just blends into one level of playing? The sustain angle intrigues me but I get that when using my Fuzz War anyway so is it more for clean playing? I hear phrases like “notes bloom”, “sustain for days”, “levels up your chords” etc etc so could be worth a punt.
Who’s got one?

Not if you set the threshold, release, attack & ratio correctly (in that order …kind of)

The Dyna Comp only has 2 knobs - Output and Sensitivity - more limited but gets a very good rep. I wouldn’t be spending too much if I decide on a comp.

Like a classic LA 2A

I guess the ’sensitivity’ is an algorithmic combo of threshold & ratio (which possibly affects release time too), output will be the make up gain & I suppose you can find a threshold sweetspot depending on your input volume in comparison to the output

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Ordered one of these yesterday from the latest batch



Tempted by this purely for that tone he gets at about 3:18. Id stick it before my drives I reckon, would be fun

Please recommend to me a decent looper pedal with seperate play/record and stop switches (ie 2 switches).

Would buy used. Doesnt need anything fancy apart from standard looping feature. Minimal budget.


digitech jamman 2 does

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Turned up! I like it so far - have only played around for about 5 mins. So far I have liked setting to random which gives me some nice sped up / slowed down pitch shifted stabs to my loops , have the tone down to pull out the bass. Is filling out my sound quite nicely imo

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Can highly recommend the MXR M303 Clone Looper. Relatively cheap, compact, separate record/play and stop switches and records at higher sample rates than most loopers so it sounds great. Has reverse and double/half speed if you want it, plus expression and extra footswitch input for separate control of those effects.

One on Reverb for £120 including postage at the moment:

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This is looking good/idiot proof!


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Bought! Yay, thanks!


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Keanu Reeves Reaction GIF

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