Gear Wanker thread Mk II

breaking mine down…

AudioPilz - Bad gear
fun weekly entertainment, meme packed but a fair work through of 1 bit of gear.

Something I stumbled on/pushed to me that explains some basic music/studio theory, something about the style/simpleness works for me
Audio University

Captain Pikant - as you say - good shit, some nice breakdowns of tracks/patterns etc

Drum tutorials/ideas to stop me just playing the same stuff.
Rob Brown
That Swedish Drummer

Eurorack stuff, usually specific to a module/style, not like they release stuff everyday, so easy to catch 10 mins when they do upload.
The Unperson

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m8 …it’s everywhere, not just on youtube. The whole office work conference/seminar/TED talk culture is built on it these days (which is obviously a shame because there’s some real pros out there too ofc)

but yeah, yt is particularly bad

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this is very useful, thanks :+1:

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If you’d asked this a question a few years back I’d have 100% said Knobs. Those little videos were like mini masterpieces that celebrated the gear they were checking out, but the amount of effort they must take is extraordinary, and it seems like they’re more about collaborating directly with gear makers at the moment.

Nowadays I think I tend to have a specific piece of gear in mind, which I then google or pop into YouTube and watch a few videos based on that. Definitely have some people I trust more than others, which I think are generally the channels which focus more on the piece of gear than the chops or personality of the presenters.

On guitar stuff for example there’s no point me watching some session pro widdling up and down the neck because I could spend the rest of my life practising 10 hours a day and never get close to that. I just want simple playing that shows off how the thing sounds in a few different contexts and what the controls do.

With all that in mind, some of the people I’ll use to check stuff out and haven’t been mentioned yet:


Megan L


MAS Distro

Mark Johnston - this is the only one with traditional ‘presenting’, and sometimes strays into slight hyperbole (in language used to describe stuff rather than ‘antics’) but his videos are often extremely in depth which is very helpful when I’m considering a specific pedal. This one is at the most extreme example of that as a 2-hour(?!) review of the new Chase Bliss MOOD Mk2.

For synth/other stuff I think Loopop does a cracking job at focusing on the gear and succinctly explaining what it does and how it does it.

As a bonus this guy does fantastic Instagram shorts on how to replicate sounds from different songs using basic, free synths.

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great post, thanks

Yeah, loopop & knobs have been regulars for me for a few years - but these are clearly full time jobs for probably several people in each team, with proper cameras etc. That’s a way off for me yet but good reference points nonetheless. I think my long term plan (should I get there) would not to let the channel be polluted by sponsorship & affiliate links & so on but rather pitch to the really good independent stores (! and !) in my town whose yt presence is woeful despite them having really cool stores and GEAR and international shipping …and offer to run their channels for a fee. Reckon there’s untapped opportunities there


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Oh man, sometimes I just go on tgt11 just to look and things and sigh and shake my head at the futility of Brexit.

Re: Homer Neeeerd jpg

The dude works at Chase Bliss now

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That makes sense! I did wonder when the only new video on the channel in a year seemed to be for the Mood Mk2, plus all the promos for their stuff suddenly taking on a similar vibe.


Speaking of youtube videos this one for some reason has scared the shit out of me

Think it’s the background looks like a televangelist

m9, it’s literally 30 metres from my studio and I walk past the window twice a day. It’s torture


this morning I have mainly been enjoying this guy - who is like some kind of Swedish Thurston Moore of the OP-1 breaks world

very informative & entertaining

i was offered monetisation on my youtube account in its early days, coz i was making films at uni and uploading them in like 2005 or something but i didn’t take it coz i knew i wouldn’t be able to make stuff after i graduated. also this was early EARLY youtube so i thought the email looked a bit spammy and didn’t trust them with my account details


anyway the music/tutorial youtube stuff i like i don’t generally care for the actual music they’re making but i like their way of explaining what they’re doing or how things work or just generally their way of presenting. people like andrew huang, ricky tinez, emily hopkins, hainbach, prob all a bit entry level but i think they’re good

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Maybe repost but how much of a good idea is this, not even a synth guy but do want.


It looks ace and I think when it was demoed during Superbooth (?) the guy said if there was enough interest it would go into production. But I bet all my pedals it’ll be expensive


Aye, speaking as someone who could pretty much write all the theory I know on the back of a fag pack it is massively tempting if/when it gets made. Just looks like fun, doesn’t it?


I like the 1 sample 4 producers thing he does.

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So YouTube just lowered the monetization threshold on channels from 1000 subscribers to 500 subscribers

very, very interesting

yeah, I mean, it’ll be pittance but it’s something and might add up after a few years. Would just be nice to have a bunch of my own IP on my own channel that I can switch on & off as I’d like

btw. is it your actual birthday today or just your DiS birthday?