Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Ah man. This is my Get Back documentary


Someone’s selling a cowpoke Fender Jazz for a bargain price, but I still can’t afford it. Goddamn.


Mike Vennart on That Pedal Show!

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Immediately thought of you when I saw an insta post about this :smile:


Played around with the free version of this yesterday: MIKKO2 - ML Sound Lab

Absolutely furious at how much better sounding it is than my current go-to of Pulse + several thousand IRs of all different cabs.

Not 100% on topic I know, but I’m on my school’s PTA and we’re looking to spend a bit on some lighting for a disco we’re running for Halloween, and other disco events throughout the year. It’s a primary school so we’d be talking 3.30-5pm for most events (all in winter at least though) in a big hall with large windows in the ceiling, so they’d need to be pretty bright. Lots of companies online but I have no idea where to start. Any recommendations? We have a few hundred to spend.

Question for the gear wankers? What do you tend to do about recycling / getting rid of old equipment?

I’m thinking of replacing my old MicroKORG (with a Minifreak probs), but I can’t really sell it because there’s a lot about it that’s just knackered now after twelve or so years. Broken keys, a few of the buttons no longer work, etc. Do you use general electronics recycling, or are their specific places that would be interested in having the parts to tinker with?

I’ve sold a number of piece of old/broken gear on ebay for parts. List it low and see who wants it. This included a microkorg with two broken keys that someone snatched up instantly!

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I do this too but locally. Just recently got rid of a Microkorg in a similar state to yours. I priced it at $100 and was just inundated with messages. Folks love fixing things up I guess

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Ah ok, intriguing!

you’d barely need anything else, it sounds sick as fuck :heart_eyes: love this so much, i could listen to it forever :grinning:

I have some recordings somewhere - I’ll see if I can find them

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here’s one

it’s just the drum machine recorded dry i think. Mad piece of kit

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yessss crank it and make yer fucking teeth rattle :metal: