Gear Wanker thread Mk II


about 90% of the things i know about production came from this guys tutorials

if you use ableton, check out some of his videos and if you can donate then please do


just ordered these


They arrived, I know nothing of these things, should I send this one back as the tweeter is dented


I’d say yes


Yeah, definitely. At best it’ll be compromised; at worst it’ll distort.


Anyone got a Teenage Engineering OP-1?

What do you think of it?

I want one.


intrigued by the new ditto jam x2 looper, has a built in mic that will sync the loops to the beat it hears, will be a bit of a game changer if it works well I think


I was thinking about getting the Mark Bass amp. It’s light enough to carry around to gigs and use as a back line, isn’t it? Pretty hefty price tag though…


Looks impressive, but I’d wager it’s very problematic…prob best to wait for plenty of user reviews with that one I’d say.


This is going to be my next purchase.

I’ve always wanted to know how bands like Moderat get that weird vocal sound where it goes really low but stays in the right key, and I reckon it might be this plugin:


Hello fellow Gear Wankers. Quick poll for you.

I want to store my guitars and amps along one wall of my music-making room and am going to have some guitar storage cupboards built in (to take cases standing on their ends). Do you think it would be better:

  • to have the guitar cupboards on the floor, with the amps on top of the cupboards, therefore at about head height?
  • to have the amps on the floor with wall-mounted guitar cupboards above?

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I’d rather lift a guitar down from head height than a valve amp.


A very fair point. Also, some amps have the controls on top rather than the front.


this is what I was going to say… and up top on the back


Wall mount the guitars


Not enough wall space. Plus, I prefer to keep guitars in cases with silica gel sachets.


Are the sachets good, thought lack of humidity was bad for guitars, my local guitar shop andertons, the acoustic guitar room is like a green house they have a humidifier cranked the whole time


Must be mega sweet living near those guys (Guildford right?)

And yeah I wonder about the silica gel thing - I like acoustic guitars changing as the wood ages, doesn’t protecting them from moisture essentially inhibit this?


This may be right, actually.


I’ve taken andertons for granted over the years, but with the general decline of shops it is now my main window shopping destination