Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Imagine how nice it would be to have the means to bid on this


or this


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That Maplin one looks ace. Give me a synth with a joystick and I will covet it

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Are you oofing at the Moog Modular or the Complete System 100?

Both really. Think I’d prefer the System 100 though.

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Yeah. Such an amazing design classic the System 100

Really beautiful stuff

Yes, really lovely

Getting a wee bit tired of all the “degrade your sound” boutique stuff. I’m perfectly capable of making absolutely dogshit recordings without your help, Chase Bliss!!


Teenage Engineering have something new product for release at some point this week until then £250 for a wheel jack?

Absolute parody of itself company.

Reckon I might get one as I’m Ill and need something to cheer me up

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Don’t know if that’s a good deal or not don’t know enough about samplers. Since its teenage engineering I’m guessing not.


I hope that’s a typo or I’ve somehow fallen down a wormhole back to 2001 or something.

The SP1200 had a 5 second sample time at 20kHz & 12 bits tbf

Then again, this little unit might have been better at 12bits

Also, if you can connect via USB-C then the onboard memory doesn’t really matter so much

Also, I think I want one

Think I’d rather have one of these if I wanted a little portable sampler and was ignoring the SP404.

The original KO Pocket Operator was one of the best ones though tbf.


Yeah, def better alternatives it feels like but also looks like a fun and surprisingly reasonably priced bit of kit.

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looks really good

this video starts getting really interesting around the 27-30 minute mark

sold out everywhere already

So I’m guessing there’s going to be more of these then.

More stuff in the EP range? Definitely