Gear Wanker thread Mk II


That sounds too much like a synth for my liking…


couldn’t think of a better place for this


Not sure if Wolfcastle…


I’ve been messing with that for years. Great fun.


After suggesting it on another thread, I thought we could all nerd out about pedal boards.

Here’s mine - the wood is fairly shit (cat hair and velcro tape doesn’t stick to it very well) so will be upgrading to a "proper " board at some point

Digitech synth wah/ envelope filter
Thorpy veteran - a silicoln fuzz face and treble booster in one peral
boss compressor
Tube screamer mini
Mxr sugar drive (klon type thing)
Mxr phase 90
Belle Epoche Deluxe tape echo thing
J rocket 45 (plexi type pedal)
Crowther hot cake
Walrus audio Julia (chorus/ vibe)
Boss waza analogue delay
Mxr reverb
Boss trem

Not sure I want any more pedals, but would like to upgrade the compressor and the trem (something that does harmonic trem sounds , the walrus one looks good) . Also the synth wah think is cool - but the new Seymour Duncan analogue fuzz/ synth/ filter thing looks amazing, would love one of those

Edit - image is upside down, not gonna fix it


Might buy another one of these shoe racks, harvest it’s oarts to as another couple of tiers

Current line up

brightonion a/b/y
Ehx soul food overdrive
Ehx cathedral reverb
Malekko sloika multiband distortion
Made by mike dream box (ic bigmuff and mxr distortion+)
Ehx pog2
Malekko vibrato
Neo vent
Tc electronics alter ego x4
Strymon bluesky reverb

Need to set up my sonuus voluum tremolo and hotone volume wah on the floor


Jesus, the floor in here really needs a good hoovering.

Told myself I’d tidy this lot up once I’d settled on a signal chain I was happy with, but I guess that was a big fat lie.

Banana effects Matryoshka synth thing
Earthquaker Dispatch Maker for sensible reverb and delay
Behringer (lol) Echo Machine for stupid delay
EHX Russian Big Muff reissue
Hotone Blues overdrive
MXR bass compressor

And the big fucker on the left is a Le Bass dual channel preamp which is great but not really an effect as such, although I use the second channel as clanky valve dirt and run it blended with the clean channel as my slightly overdriven sound.


This is my current setup and it probably won’t change until I get another Boss Super Distortion and Feedbacker.

Fender Mustang Bass PJ

Boss TU-3.
Boss ODB-3.
Boss MD-2 @epimer Signature Model.
Boss DSD-2.
Boss PH-2.
Boss DD-7.

HiWatt Maxwatt B100/15

Feat. a bust of cans.


Has anyone got any delay pedal favourites before I just buy the one that Mogwai use (Memory Boy iirc)?


That’s a very sexy Mustang you’ve got there. Well jelly

You don’t see many of those about


whats your budget? what features are must haves?


Is that mustard yellow? I’ve got the same colour P-Bass.


Depending on the project the one next to the top far right pedal (the Catinbread Csidman in this case) gets swapped out for a Chase Bliss wombtone II phaser or that vibrato/chorus thing my mate made

Things I’m looking to get is the upgrade on that Empress super delay (the echo system) and also a Meris Enzo which I would either power first in the chain along with all these pictured OR replace it with the whammy, though it would be difficult as I’ve had a whammy on my board for about 12 years so would be weird to look down and not see one.

The Spring Chicken LE is probably the pedal that gets the most use on this board, nothing else sounds like it, not even the reissue.


I think mogwai use memory man (although may well have switched to memory boy over the years), I don’t think the boy can quite do the lushness of the mm from what I’ve read. I love my memory man, need to get it fixed. My main delay is the tc electronics alter ego x4, it has loads of emulations of analogue and tape delay and an app where you can make your own (never needed it the presets are good), the x4 might be overkill (I got it specifically to midi sync reverse delay) but they do a smaller x2 one. The x4 is going cheap (relatively) on gear4music right now


Empress Superdelay and Dr Scientist Elements! Lovely stuff.

Used to have an elements (a brown one with gears and cogs on - not as nice looking as yours) a while back but had to sell it on when I was a bit strapped for cash. Great pedal though. So versatile.


Am I right in thinking the Spring Chicken is a Belton based reverb? it sounds lovely. I’ve got my eye on a couple of Belton based clones to put together. One is apparently a quieter version of the EQD Ghost Reverb and the other, which is definitely my first choice, is a copy of a DBA Reverberation Machine, except with a mod giving a momentary footswitch that makes it swell into self oscillation.


This is my current board:

Signal path here is:

Endangered Audio Research AD4096MKII > Endangered Audio Research Spectravibe > Old Blood Noise Black Fountain > Lo-Fi Loop Junky > Stone Deaf Trashy Blonde (I hate the backwards, old, sexist name of this pedal but it sounds fantastic) > Stone Deaf Fig Fumb (with the expression pedal) > Boss ES-8

ES-8 loops (which can be switched order on the fly):

1 - Smallsound Bigsound Pretty Years
2 - Hologram Infinite Jets (controlled by the expression pedal on the right)
3 - Chase Bliss Spectre
4 - Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl MkII
5 - Montreal Assembly Count to 5
6 - Old Blood Dark Star
7 - Meris Polymoon
8 - Empress Reverb > Meris Mercury 7
Volume Loop - Strymon El Capistan
Tuner loop - polytune

->Ditto X4

I mainly make drone and ambient stuff, so do genuinely I use them all.

Think I’ll probably pick up a Meris Enzo and either an Ottobit or a Dream Sequence eventually. Considering ditching the loop-junky and perhaps the black fountain as well as they’re used the least.

Need to explore the midi opportunities for all these a lot more too.



Get some basic modular on the front of that, would be awesome


I got the Synthstrom Deluge a few months back and that pushes out midi and CV (the Pretty Years at least takes CV), as well as having an internal synth engine for sound, so I’m going to try to explore using that a bit more to get the basics down before thinking about further synth stuff.

I’m considering whether I could get something like a Moog Mother 32 or Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms or something down the line. I could sequence it via the Deluge and run it through the effects, which would also be controlled from the Deluge…


This all sounds very nice. The deluge has enormous capabilities. Don’t discount a Moog Grandmother as a future addition either, very connectable and great sounding and the onboard analogue mixer has some sweet drive in it