Gear Wanker thread Mk II


I believe it is, there is a warmth to it but after about 2 o clock it really sounds insane and on full whack it self oscillates and it sounds so intense like the world’s ending. The reissue is way treblier to me, and the self oscillation isn’t nearly as musical. Both those pedals you mention sound great and yeah give you a bit more options with the tone of the reverb too.
It’s my “always on” pedal, and other than self oscillation madness I will vary the knob anywhere between 9 and 3 o clock for songs. It has an exp in jack so I could do this all with my foot if I wanted but I’m not that precious and also you’ve seen the size of my board, I take it on flights with me as hand luggage sometimes so I really don’t wanna add more than I absolutely need to it.


Ah the Count to Five! I had one but couldn’t find a use for it in my current projects so I let a friend have it for a while but I might ask for it back as I loved playing with it (also I think he’s struggled with using it too, ha)


I had a count to five, felt like I couldn’t do it justice and the pedal deserved a better life, so sold it


The Ct5 is such a weird pedal. There are days when I’m genuinely on the verge of getting rid of it, and then I’ll stumble across a sound or a little glitch or something that’s just perfect, and so it ends up staying. And then I get annoyed with how un-user-friendly it is, and the cycle starts again!


I really, really want one of these…


That makes two us


me also - and I know next to nothing about synths . Just looks really cool


they do offer more tonal options, although the more things i play with the more i wonder whether additional pots just make it harder to find the sounds, and the trick is to find the right pedal/circuit that has been designed to make the right sound already, which clearly that one has for you.

I guess the expression would let you add waves of reverb, to something, but that might get old pretty quickly, and as you say, that’s damn useful being able to fit it in hand luggage.


They sound amazing too and are built like tanks …plus the spring reverb takes you right into radiophonic workshop territory


It’s actually Capri Orange, a colour Fender used in the early eighties. I’ll take some decent photos of it outside at the weekend!


Thanks man! Yeah, they only made them in this colour for a few months. Weirdly though, along with my own, I’ve seen three of these in Ireland this year. Don’t know why they’re so popular here.


It looks butterscotch in this pic

Butterscotch Mustang would be an awesome porn name or artist name

Might make a concept album


Just buy an old Boss DM2 from eBay.




Or a DM-3. Fucking love those.


ah I never tried one of those, I bought a dm-2 YEARS ago and never felt any need to try anything else. well, until the re-201 came along.


They’re not too different from the DM-2 really. A friend’s dad had bought one when they came out in the eighties and gave it to him to use when he started playing guitar. I’ve wanted one ever since.

Is that the RE-20? The big double pedal one? Never got the chance to try one.


I bet they go for a fortune now.

No, one of these, on which the RE-20 was based:


Ohhhh, you have an original one? Fuuuuuuck.



Had some money troubles last year and had to flog everything. Nightmare!