Gear Wanker thread Mk II


what would you spend that €150 on otherwise?


looks cool, solid. Reckon it will go sprang in a satisfying way


Pints, probably! The guy selling it will allow me to pay in installments so why not!


Here’s hoping. Will be my first non Fender/Squier guitar so hopefully I get along with it.


get it


Just messaged the seller there!


Can anyone recommend a UK or EU-based pickup maker? I’m fed up of the weedy stock ones in the Squier Bass VI and the only replacement ones I’ve seen are from small manufacturers in the US. I don’t particularly want to pay shipping and customs charges on them.


Are bass vi just regular jaguar pickups, I have one but can remember. If they are could just try some off the shelf jaguar replacement that is wound hotter


I think people have put Seymour Duncan Jag pickups in them, so maybe?


Entwhistle, the guy who makes Revelation guitars, might be worth a look at -


Anyone got a favourite (Russian) Muff clone that they’d recommend? I’m fed up of fixing the battery wires on my reissue one and want something with a standard power input.

I owned a Devi Ever Silver Rose Mk II, which had a Dwarfcraft Eu Clair Thunder circuit in it and I fucking HATED it. Really sensitive to input volume, speaker-blowing output levels that you had to buffer with something, and never sounded like a proper Muff to my ears.

I’ve listened to sound comparisons of the newest Russian reissues and the Way Huge Swollen Pickle and they sound basically the same to me.


Built my own rams head muff clone which sounded the best to my ears (used a breadboard to swap components in/out)


If you can fix the battery wires, you may aswell wire it for permanent DC input


I might do that eventually anyway but I’m interested in what else is out there in terms of features etc.

Although there’s not much point as I’ll obviously just whack the sustain on full, adjust volume to suit, find a tone sweet spot and literally never touch the controls again.


also got the EHX nano bass big muff pi which is ‘fine’ for my bass :man_shrugging:

just seen that this now exists (lord knows why…)


Big fan of the Stone Deaf Fig Fumb. Not sure if it’s based off the russian or original mind you, but get the expression pedal as well and it’s instant J Mascis vibes.


Haven’t owned one but this guys pedals are supposed to be pretty good


Don’t need an interface and the one I’ve got is probably better but I still want one of these because it’s cute


Thus is a really good pedal


going up a string gauge to 11’s, bit dubious as I get easily spooked with guitar stuff and generally instantly go back but I’m going to try to persevere as I think it might help with my jazzmaster’s issues, bought an avri tension spring as I think when I’ve tried 11’s in the past the trem has felt weak. Also mangled the spring adjustment screw head, found it very difficult to find which one to get, so for the sake of Googlers of the future “the tremolo adjustment screw you need on a CIJ/MIJ/Japanese jazzmaster is a 3cm M4 panhead machine screw” - your welcome.

Recently sold my staytrem for 3x the price but have just bought another as I figure most people love them and most use 11’s on jm so maybe my problem with it was the strings. Might try some tusq saddles if that doesn’t work, though I’d have to move the ground wire from the bridge