Gear Wanker thread Mk II


Pretty incredible. Looks like one of those classic light-up disco dance floors.


What context will you be using it in and how important is gain?


In more positive new pedal… news, my BeatBuddy Mini (I have just realised how much this sounds like a masturbation aid for small-penised men) arrived and it’s a cool little practice tool. It’s a drum machine in pedal format with a bunch of presets, and you can tap the footswitch once for a one bar drum fill or hold it for a “chorus” pattern in the same time signature and tempo.

I mean it’s basically a fancy metronome but as I never play with a drummer any more my rhythm is extremely sloppy, and banging out RATM riffs over the hip hop settings should whip me into shape.


While I’m here, any recommendations for a uni-vibe type pedal? I was eyeing up the Digitech one but I don’t know much about them.

Yes, I do just want it to play the bass bit in Sonic Titan by Sleep, thank you for asking.


not sure if they still make it but I have a danelectro ‘cool cat’ vibe, it is pretty cheap and decent, uses a proper photo cell


There’s one on eBay for £30, so I think you’ve just cost me £30.


Home use only and I don’t care about gain.


Yeah this is the one I keep coming back to…




I had a Fulltone DejaVibe yonks ago and remember that being pretty good.


gonna get one of these

I am hoping that it is possible to map it so that the first two rows of knobs aren’t linked to same track as the fader but rather whatever track is selected in Logic, so that the first row can be the 8 bands of eq, and the second row the Q for the 8 bands of eq, third row would stick with being panning for each track


Got a lend of this from my local library. Great fun. Having the drum pads at the bottom is very handy. Printing out the manual in work so I can figure out how it all works.


think that is one of the yamahas that uses the same chip is computer ‘sound blaster’ cards

i’ve got a a pss-140 from when I was kid. I got a ps-10 on eBay a couple of years ago, it is basically beach house in keyboard form


Going to watch that video at lunch!

Yeah, I’ve played PS-10s a few times, a few of my mates have them. I really like them as keyboards, really simple.

One of my friends has one of these, the VSS-30. It’s a really primitive sampler that you can speak/sing into! Have had a lot of fun with it over the years.


I remember playing on one of those in the music shop during school lunchtimes!


think I might start using this video as a way to ward off stress and anxiety - something so nice about watching someone really competent doing their thing


Love watching guitar repair videos. Can’t wait until I have my own shed and tools that I can fix guitars with.


I’ve tinkered - but this has kind of convinced me I might be better off just paying someone with experience and all the tools to do it properly


I’m able to set up guitars and basses and do basic electronic work but I feel the opposite when watching these, I just want to learn more!


I want a drum machine that I can load my own samples into and has a step sequencer like an 808. Is their a piece of hardware that does this cheaply?