Gear Wanker thread Mk II


I think a volca sample might be best for my needs. Does anyone have any experience with them?



Started building a Clari(not) clone this morning bit am missing a resistor, so i’m going to get drunk instead.


kind of irked how fantano complained about her flavourless guitar tone


Bought some new plectrums


What kind? I still use my felt ukulele ones quite a bit, they’ve got a much softer attack than plastic ones so can interact with fuzz really nicely.


Some heavy fender ones, I bought them as they perfectly match the tortoise shell pick guard of my jazzmaster. Big change as I’ve been using tortex for decades


I bought a baritone


photos incoming but my phone ran out of battery


Sorry medium not heavy


Also top tip for jazzmaster/offset types, unscrewed the two outer trem pivot plate bolts and screwed them in from the other side, now the strings don’t grate against the screw heads, solved this weird sitar overtone I was getting on the high e (this may have been in my head and this a placebo but still). Now all the strings ring out behind the bridge without buzzing and can really go for it with the trem


Wired and tested this earlier and it worked great. Annoyingly my drilling wasn’t up to scratch and took over 5 minutes to not even make one of tthe ten holes i need. Might have to buy a ready made one, which doesn’t bode well for the bespoke one I’m making.


what is it?


A clari(not) clone with a fuzz lifter, although the fuzz lifter is oretty basic, so involes a massive volume drop, fine so long as you have it set up for either with of without.


through making these things do you actually build up a sense of how the components and circuits will affect the sound or is it more a case of following the instructions?


I’m slowly learning bits and comparing different kits is helping. For example that kit uses a pt2399 chip, which is a delay chip used in deep blue delays and the like, but also in choruses like the sea machine, so that’s made me look at the schematics for each as well as chip guides to see how they could be used to mod one of those pedals. Also there are a couple of different places i get kits from so comparing similar clones from each site is quite interesting.


I mean obviously I need to get this.


i don’t shit about anything but i don’t think i like the pickups in my guitar and would like to go about getting some others that i do like but wouldn’t even know where to begin.

so err, how should i begin?


I don’t know much about pickups - but people seem to like bareknuckle pickups, so maybe some of them?


i’ll recommend this site all day long. If you feel a bit unsure give them an email and they’ll recommend you something based on the sort of music you like or sound you’re looking for.