Gear Wanker thread Mk II

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Would genuinely rather get an El Capistan. I bet they’d be more pain in the arse than would be worth it.

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Or maybe a Volante now (although that’s pretty expensive).

Or a belle epoque deluxe (I have one it’s CAF)

I’ve always found my reel echo works fine.

Just had a look on reverb (didn’t realise they had discontinued the reel echo) It’s twice the price what I bought it for 11 years ago.

yep. At the time I think it was the most expensive pedal they did or maybe that spring reverb one was.

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Or read this
(Basically, test tones and SPL meter)

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Finally got round to soldering the OCD clone for my four part gain box. Tested it out and am pretty pleased with it. Just the fuzz and double boost sections to go now.

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It was a bit of a squeeze, and I gave up caring about alligning the holes too much, partly because i opted to keep the pots board mounted and they couldn’t be fully symmetrical or anything. The most important thing is it works. Only played it quietly, but it sounds pretty good, particularly the FW and EP sections. The toggles on the front are attached to the EP, and the ones at the top were wired onto the OCD.

Clones of Fuzz War > OCD > EP Boost > Super Hardon with the volume section from a Super Duper 2 in 1.


That looks fucking cool! Can I buy one?
(No idea what it does)


Thanks. It’s a fuzz into a drive into two different boosts. It basically just blinds me as the LED on the right is really bright green!

neat bit of soldering.
you adding labels?

how much dampening/room treating have you done?

I might do. I’ve now got 38 odd unlabelled knobs on my board, a couple of which I’ve completely forgotten the function of. A couple of them are easy to remember, such as on my Fuzz Factory clone, where I cunningly used 5 different coloured knobs, some of which have an alphabetical similarity, such as the gate being green and the compression being clear… But yes I’d like to label them, but am not sure what to use. I’m open to suggestions.

options would include
marker pen.
label maker.
you can print out your own transparencies then apply using water etc
or paintbrush and acrylic paint to paint arrows, letters etc.

we’ve got a label maker, so i guess i could use that and always take them off if i disagree with their appearance. I’d love to get the pedals painted but then I’d be scared of stomping and scratching.

i can’t claim to know much about it but when you said

i figure it’s worth pointing out that you’re right - studio monitors are completely neutral - but unless you’ve treated your room to a really high standard your room is definitely nowhere near neutral, thus the controls on the monitors and the fact that dampening will be helpful in making an improvement

others will be able to give you more specific advice but there will definitely be things you can do to improve your room without spending much. even placement of the monitors within the room can make a huge difference

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