Gear Wanker thread Mk II


Holy shit, my first keyboard as a kid was a PSS-470 and I did not know this about it. I spent so much time dicking around with that digital synthesizer bit. I wonder if it’s still in my parents’ loft…


In that annoying situation where there is something I want to buy, it’s been discontinued but doesn’t cost much second hand but I can’t find anyone selling one


might get rid of all my fx pedals and get a boss me80


need a little 2i/o soundcard to take travelling with me. anyone used those focusrite scarlet ones? any good?


Like a 2i2?


I’m giving serious consideration to buying a Moog Grandmother and sticking it on an interest free credit card

I’m going to go into GAK tomorrow and have a play on one


don’t know if you know but…


do it


Did it

Mainly just played the riff from Just Can’t Get Enough so far



I’m well jealous - REALLY want one

they sound ace, get your transposing arpeggiators on with plenty of spring reverb


you would make much better use of it than me - but it’s fun to try something new


looking forward to trying it with some of my guitar pedals


I wouldn’t slap a line level signal straight into a guitar pedal.


I’ve read a Reverb article and everything - sure It’ll be grand



have fun - there’s LOADS of stuff you can do with this thing


Given up on the idea of a pedal board, don’t take them anywhere any way


hang about - just clocked this


should have got a



that looks… expensive


you betcha


16-voice polyphony on an analogue synth? Fucking hell!