Gear Wanker thread Mk II

This looks really cool and fun


Want. This is just the sort of thing I’m after.

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Here’s my current bedroom set -up - ran out of space and working from the top of a chest of drawers was not ideal - so I got a standing desk thing from IKEA

New monitors added, plus I recently got a Mother 32 to double down on synth stuff


Thinking of getting something like a Boss Katana mini amp, or the Vox Pathfinder, or the Yamaha THR5. One of those lunchbox-size guitar amps. It’s purely for tooling around in my bedroom and to replace the piece of shit Marshall 10W jobbie that I rescued from a skip a decade ago.

Any opinions on any of those?

Sorry, meant for guitar. I’ve got an entry level Yamaha guitar, which plays fine (for my non-existent skill level), but sounds absolute gash through the dreadful Marshall thing.

The Fender Mustang GT40 is pretty good might be a bit too big though

I have the THR10 - it’s pretty decent for a quick “plug in and play” and the ability to plug in your phone to play along with tunes is good. The effects are limited as far as tweakability but sound good enough

It also doubles as my only “bass amp” - which I assume is what you’ll be using it for

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I’ve read more now and see you do want it for guitar

The guitar tones are decent I’d say, does a clean twin type sound, an ac30 style crunch, Marshall style and then something more hi gain like a boogie or something

I don’t think drive pedals plugged into it sound quite right (think this is true of all digital type amps) - better if you just use the drive from the amp itself

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Thinking of getting a Squier VM Jazzmaster in sonic blue as a birthday present from me to me. The J Mascis looks nice too but I’ve read that the pickups are more P90 than JM, which is fine, but not a Jazzmaster.

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If it comes with the bridge the Jaguar one comes with change it, it’s bloody awful.

It does and yes, he should absolutely change it. Eps has dealt with Staytrem before I think.

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You mean this one or the newer classic vibe one?

Yeah the bridge is a bit shit, I’ve still not bothered changing mine, mind. Good guitar otherwise.

This one: Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazzmaster Laurel Fingerboard Sonic Blue - Andertons Music Co.

Looks like it already has Mustang-style bridge saddles?

Oh, it’s the new CV one! A definite improvement.

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It certainly looks like a better bridge. Doesn’t quite look like a mustang one, but does look like it’s closer to that than the one on the VM Jazz

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I’m fully mentally prepared for the “stock Jazzmaster bridges are a big pile of wank” truism to apply here, but fingers crossed that it doesn’t.

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i have no use for this but i want it cos it looks cool as fuck

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McCartney II was recorded directly on one of these, no desk, straight into the Studer

Temporary Secretary, coming up & the rest - that super dry sound

good phasers are the best

one day when I’m rich I’m gonna get one of these

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look better than they sound I think - though obviously wouldn’t say no to one

these obviously sound amazing

as do these

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