Gear Wanker thread Mk II


tri-timbral too, with separate polyphonic sequencers - and filters & envelopes per voice etc

a totally over-engineered monster which is more than anyone could possibly need - 48 oscillators! it’s ridiculous really

beautiful though


oh, and even this



It’s starting to sound like more and more of a bargain.


feeling tempted? You should get one :wink:

honestly though, at the same time as the description of the features are incredible and the thing is clearly a work of art I have yet to see a yt video of it actually doing anything sounding close to justifying to the price tag

maybe everyone rushes to get the first videos out before they’ve figured out how to use it and obviously it’s a massively complex machine that might take even years to totally understand…but I can’t help feeling that it’s a bit Emperor’s New Clothes

I mean, how difficult would it be for someone to demo a slowly evolving 48 oscillator drone? It even has onboard Eventide effects. What the hell are people waiting for?


you could try something like this

take the moog out through piezo transducers using your guitar as a resonator while it’s plugged through all your pedals & then fuck around with the pedals

would be cool


hej @grievoustim and fellow wankers

some very live wankering right here; Grandmother Live Build - fascinating stuff


in 2014 i got a 2i2, a year later sold it to a mate and upgraded to a 2i4 as i wanted the MIDI ports

i now live with the mate i sold the 2i2 to and can confirm that both the 2i2 and 2i4 have worked absolutely flawlessly the entire time

what do you want the soundcard for tho? i use mine for all my music listening at home, all my production stuff and have done various bits of recording through it

if you just need a way of playing in hotel rooms there might be something for way less money that will let you do that - but i’m not the person to ask


people always say how these focus rite’s use the same preamps as their high end ones, don’t know if its true but think there was a marked difference when I replaced my m-audio solo interface with it, less dull sounding


For that money I’d hope it would come with a little man with a soldering iron and a bag of capacitors who just sat there next to it in case it ever went wrong.


How you getting on with it?


I love it!

So much fun, I have no point of comparison as this is my first synth, but this thing can make so many cool noises! Feels really condusive to creativity



you know its a guitar fx pedal and not a playing card from one of your games don’t you?


Both are good.


i’ve got one of these, its minimum setting is about twice as distorted as an average pedals maximum setting


I have one of these too. It’s completely broken and sounds all wrong but I kind of like it. It only works when it’s switched on and kill the signal when it’s off though so I have to unplug it when I’m not using it for a whole thing, which kind of renders it redundant as a back pocket uber-distortion card.


could get one of these, keep it always on and put it in a bypass loop,


Absolute monster of a pedal. Almost completely fucking unusable but I love playing with them.


That’s an option, though it’s the same price as @epimer paid for the pedal itself so it’d probably be easier getting one that works.

Can’t really justify any pedal expenditure either way though. Bloody weddings.


just nabbed a behringer BCF2000 midi controller that i’m going to use for mixing and eq in logic, knobs and motorised faders so it can sync with the DAW, seems like a great piece of kit wonder why they discontinued it.

Also hoping I can use it to fully control the amp and filter envelopes in my JDXI synth (currently buried in menus the only bad thing about this otherwise great product)