Gear Wanker thread Mk II



good point, just thought it might have a broken sound you wanted to preserve


I actually think it is really usable too, normally diminished returns with high gain as it just gets all fizzy and pop punk but the bass control brings it back from that


Oh I see. I’ve no idea quite how it’s meant to sound tbh - it arrived broken y’see.


Still jonesin’ for a Fender EOB Strat, but the TV would not be happy if I bought another guitar.


pretty much the same position, except I definitely don’t have £900 odd to spend so frivolously.


Been thinking of ditching all my pedals and getting a multifx. First pedal I had was a boss me30, came up with loads of interesting photo Mars Volta sounds and could quickly switch between. Now I have all these pedals but don’t get much out of them because of all the tap dancing involved


For gigging, I switched to a Fractal FX8 about 18 months ago and am very happy with that decision.


Wish they would build the sustainer into a jazzmaster, I’d even accept a telecaster


Quite pricey but I could easily afford it if I sold my pedals


The Line6 Helix is supposed to be brilliant too. I think they’re pretty good value for money in the context of the pedals they replace.


Quite like the idea of a multi fx with an app, so I can just set up a loop and tweak the sounds at my desk


Just being able to set up a whole pedalboard on a computer is amazing. I have so many multi-pedal sounds available no more than two footswitches away (and generally one).


Johnny Marr got a sustainer built into his signature Jaguar so they can do it. Doubt they’d ever make a production model of it.


Shame, reckon offset players are the biggest market for ebows


Just asked my guitar dealer to order one for me.


you folded so quickly!


I usually do. It was helped by the fact that he told me that he had recently successfully sold two guitars for me and I’m therefore healthily in credit with them!



I am currently toying over whether to hurl myself into the FX-pedal money-hole of the modular-synth money-hole next.