Gear Wanker thread Mk II


Say i had £300 to spend in something before the and of March, what should i get? Toying with the idea of getting a Tr8 drum machine, but not sure I’ll use it. To be fair i don’t really have a good reason to spend it on gear, but if i don’t spend it, it will go. I do want an ebow…


I’ve evangelisised about the Roland jdxi synth in the past but no one is ever interested.

If you are considering the tr8 I’d say consider the jdxi, it is a four part synth, 1 part real analog (basic but fun), 2 digital synth (using Roland’s supernatural engine, each digital voice is up to 3 different oscillators or samples, each with own settings), and finally the drum machine part, has all of Roland’s kits in, and each drum has completely independent settings. It has a sequencer that brings everything together, and decent onboard fx making the whole thing a great little sketch pad and a lot of fun.

I’m sure it lacks some of the functionality of a dedicated drum machine like the tr8, but for the same amount of money it overlaps a lot and does a lot more too

Worth it alone for the Jupiter string sounds


That does look pretty cool. Will investigate that for certain


Can also control it with guitar


I got a korg volca beats for a bit of analogue drum machining the other day. They are cheap and cheerful but fun and easy to use (I already have an Alexis sr18, but I find the interface holds me back a bit when I just want to quickly create a beat).

Might be an idea to dip your toe in the water?


I finally got round to running the grandmother with my guitar FX today

My delays, chorus and reverb pedals were great fun - the pad setting on the mxr reverb works fantastically - basically creates the illusion of a polly / 2nd synth, especially with the 2nd oscillator tuned to a different pitch. Instant vangellis

The fuzzes were a bit underwhelming with synth, they don’t really work as well as with guitar


went to andertons earlier to check out the multi-fx, think the only ones they had were second hand


Yeah, I’ve looked into volca beats and am tempted.


Only real downside is the lack of sequencing - you can preset up to 8 patterns, but if you want to have multiple patterns in a song you need to “drive” the changes in real time. Probably can be done with an external sequencer but I’ve not really looked into that

But for the price you can’t expect it to do everything


think im going to get a boss gt100, seems like it will be familiar because I had the me30 back in the day, has midi and an editor app, has the fender 63 spring reverb which I know is decent. will shelve/sell all my other pedals except my voluum pedal for weird tremolo, and my looper


actually will probably go for the line 6 helix LT. looked more into that old boss, the 63 reverb it has isn’t the same as the FRV-1 and is supposed to be its weakest bit and spring reverb is my main thing. also don’t like that for most of the effects you can only have once in the chain.

Helix looks like something where you can just do anything you can think of


It has arrived.

You’ve got to respect a pedal where at no point in the design process did anyone say “Does anyone think this is a bit… much?”. Fucking hell. Think it’s gainier then my triangle Big Muff reissue and that thing is ridiculous.


good for smashing pumpkins tones


Might have to rule out the helix too, again on the reverb front. As it is a high end product was expecting strymon level reverb, but it seems to be the same old verbzilla algorithms. I like the verbzilla but it must be about 20 years old, and the spring options were not good



Ebow is good - feature it in most of what I do.

Look at the drumbrute impact if you want an affordable drum machine massive bang:buck ratio.


Intriguing, i could pick up both for budget


So it seems like Elektron have jumped in on the Volca end of the market with their new ‘model:-’ range

first up model:samples

any takers here?


no CV out, no likey for me


yup, does seem something of an oversight, as is lack of audio in for sampling (though that could be supported via the usb there)

what are you running on CV? I’d guess they figured that most modular users who fancy this as a sequencer for their gear would have a MIDI -> CV converter in their rack already & would want to plug this in there instead of their laptop DAW for screen free performance