Gear Wanker thread Mk II


oh you’re definitely right there, and it probably helped keep the cost down. I’ve got a small eurorack setup on the go. And tbf the options for sequencing/synching are fucking huge/endless/$$$.


I’ve got a Digitakt and Digitone, so doesn’t really cover anything new. Portability is interesting though. Looks like they are going for the Volca Sample / Novation Circuit market. If it’s a start of a model: range i’d be in interested in a analog keys lite i guess.


like this more than i should


Personally I think it looks absolutely hideous. The styling is all wrong, The two-tone woods are poopy

looks fine from the back though in a single natural colour - looks like a tele


yeah I definitely shouldnt like it, but I do for some reason


would probably be fine if they just painted the top & the body the same finish tbh


I’d like to play one. They don’t look quite right but it’s the sort of thing i think i could get used to. That said, I’m not sure why I’d ever want one.


looks fucking terrible. like some cheap shit kids toy


reliced pedals?



Fucking HELL




its really grown on me, really like the idea of an acoustic in electric guitar dimensions, some of the other finishes look pretty nice


it may sound amazing, and I’m not the target market… I don’t really like the taylor or godin styled ones either :man_shrugging:

but this one does look absolute shite. and for £1500!? :laughing:


american made, with hi-tech output options, that price is pretty standard, think this one looks great, wouldnt buy one though


reckon it would be hard to get a plectrum out of though


Ooft! For 1.5k i at least want a pick guard, i mean, for realz


It’s arrived, fits into my vaguely colour co-ordinated set up. I’m certain not owning this product is the barrier I needed to remove to make more music


Forgot to say I got one of these last month

Tracks amazingly, the filter is moog-like and generally the tone is immensely rich on whatever setting and it’s fun to use. Every time I’ve used it I’ve discovered something I could build a song around and ultimately that’s what you want a piece of gear to inspire, at least to me anyway.

The downside is if I’m ever gonna use it live im gonna need to fork out another £100 for the preset switch, it’ll be too difficult to recall settings on the fly mid gig otherwise.


That thing looks incredible. I’m really tempted to forget about the drum machine for this year and get one of those instead. I’ve been wanting a synth type thing for ages, but every time I’m face with one I remember i can’t really play the keyboard.


that’s never stopped me