Gear Wanker thread Mk II


Me too! It’s such a ridiculously deep pedal, and the range of sounds with the filters are mind blowing. Haven’t quite gotten my head around the arpeggio setting and how best to use it yet as I’ve mainly just been making slow-filtered wwwwwwwooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhuuuwwwwwwwww sounds with it.

Don’t know if you use midi at all, but I’ve been using the Chase Bliss Midibox Mk2 to save and recall presets via my ES-8. The Mk2 has internal dipswitches so you can use it with Empress and Meris pedals as well as Chase Bliss. It’s also around £50 I think.


it’s partly the knobs and setting and all of that. I’m fine with dozens of pedals but putting it all into a peculiar rectangle just baffles me


Have you seen the knobs video for it?

TBF Knobs could make any piece of shit pedal sound awesome, but when they get something like this :heart_eyes:


you get used to it after a few weeks

after a couple of years you can actually use it to sculpt precisely the sound you want in your head


Perhaps. I mean I’d love that to be the case, but I’m not sure I’m dedicated enough or something. Plus i think I’m probably just fascinated by synths, whereas I absolutely love making noises with guitar. Also, I’m just a hobby musician, and would never normally consider spending anywhere near that much on a pedal, but i have just two months to spend almost the exact price of this pedal, or lose it. it’s like it’s meant to be!!


How much is one of these? I reckon it would play very nicely with a Moog Grandmother for some extra modulation craziness


UK price is £319, though I got it in a black Friday sale for about £260.

Don’t know if Swedish prices are generally about equivalent or not but it’s an absolutely brilliant little pedal. Meris are on a real hot-streak at the moment.


3895 kr in my local independent specialist guitar pedal shop (Which is called ‘These go to 11’ )

which is about £330


Apparently there’re some DIY options for adding circuits inside the preset switch too, so this pedal wouldn’t even screw too much with my wanting to have a DIY pedalboard.


Oh great guys, now I’ve fallen down a guitar pedal rabbit hole

anyone got one of these?


New Squier Jaguar looks very, very tasty.


I do like pearloid inlays


Why the flip did that not display in full? Click into it to see the whole thing anyway.


I’m still highly sceptical of Squier, even after the Bass VI.


Absolutely no reason to be these days. Haven’t played a bad Squier in a very long time.


I dunno, people were singing the praises of that Jaco-a-like fretless jazz bass and the VM one that is like a 70s reissue J and I tried both multiple times and thought they were complete shite.


my eldest really wants an electric guitar

I’d like to get her something nice but I’m not exactly made of money, was thinking a Squier Jag or Jazzmaster but she says she wants a strat

never owned a Squier, some folks are quite anti them. Any squier advice on here? Or would a good priced 2nd hand Mexico (or Japanese) strat be better?

edit; I see the Squier chat has started already


I’ve got a Squier VM Jazzmaster. The only issue I have with it is the top E being too close to the edge of the neck, but I think that’s a Jazzmaster bridge issue (it’s probably 55mm instead of something like 52mm, or something) . Other than that it plays really nicely.

edit: never tried their strats, although I’d happily buy one, if i wanted a strat.


I used one of the 77 VM Jazz Basses for years and thought it was great. Way above Mexican Jazz Basses from the 00s (Which, in retrospect, are hideous instruments.)

Squier have seriously upped their game in the past few years. The quality all down the line is excellent. For €400 you get a lot for your money.


think with most guitars a good set up will fix most issues in my experience :man_shrugging:

even the cheap switches used are easy to replace etc.