Gear Wanker thread Mk II


It was one of these that I tried a few of:

I think that’s a different model? I can forgive them playing poorly because they won’t have been setup properly, but it was the flat, lifeless tone that ruined them for me.

For that money there’s those Marcus Miller ones now and those are bloody great.

Oh god, that Midnight Blue colour might be my least favourite guitar colour ever.


I was thinking this one

for £150 new I figured it was a no brainer …unless someone’s gonna tell me it falls apart after 6 months or doesn’t stay in tune for more than 10 minutes or the fret wear down after a week or something


It’s just as well I don’t have one of these or I’d have racked up ludicrous debt.


it is literally 50m from the door of my studio - a massive temptation

it’s a lovely place too


“I’ll just pop in on my way home from work and see what new stuff they have in. Just to satisfy my curiosity…”
wallet starts screaming


That is lovely!


They’re the most basic of the Squier Strats you can possibly buy. If you were getting one I’d block the trem and maybe get the nut replaced to help with tuning issues. Completely fine otherwise, if a bit lackluster in the pickup department.

What’s your budget?


That’s out of date now!

I’ve pared stuff back a bit over the past couple of months and sold a few things without replacing them so pretty much all of it fits on the board.


As much as I love my jazzmaster they are hard work and could put off a beginner. Mine is so rickety, it really exaggerates my awkwardness as a guitar player (although a positive byproduct of this is that i’ve developed quite a delicate guitar style that I don’t think I would have on a more ‘all rounder’ guitar), the problems with the bridge are like a whack a mole, fixing one problems causes another one. Ultimately they are worth the effort and the things they do well they do better than other guitars, but probably best when someone is drawn to them.

How about a mustang? A happy medium between jazzmaster/jag and strat (plus short scale might be better for children hands), although if they want a strat that is probably what will inspire them the most.

I think squier are fine, definitely on par with cheaper fenders. I have the Bass VI which is incredible value for money, I briefly owned a squier jag and it was good (only got rid of it because I prefer 7’25 neck radius but even fender have ditched those on their offsets now)


Makes sense why your stuff sounds so good!


Gear > Talent.




ttf makes a very good point here. The new Squier Bullet Mustangs could be the way to go.


is that a bullet strat? I think my dad was given one of those by friend who’d won it and didn’t want it. He’s changed the pickups, as they were a bit weak, although I don’t think he bought particularly expensive ones and is happy with it. Basically, as others have said, give it a setup and it’ll play like a guitar.


well, it’s my daughter so it’s more finding a sweet spot between what’s gonna inspire her to keep playing and how much it’s gonna cost. I’m prepared to make an investment in other words - whether that be in terms of getting something with resale value if she loses interest or getting something she really loves to maintain her interest. But at the same time I’m thinking ‘start her off with something basic so she can just get her muscle memory up to speed first.’ So I dunno. €100-250 in the basic category. Absolute max €500 if we spot something really special ie an American custom shop model in a bankruptcy sale going for 1/4 of what it’s worth. Y’know?

Two requirements (from her); It has to be white and she wants to be able to make these sounds;

(she has Roland cube with built in phaser/chorus/tremelo/reverb/delay etc already)


& @ttf mustang is nice - she wants a tremolo though. Loves that wobbly slightly tripped out Blood Orange/Steve Lacy/Ludwig Göransson (Childish Gambino) sound


bit more expensive, but has the trem


YEAH! Tremolo all the way! You can’t go wrong with any of the current Strat offerings from Squier really. If I was buying one in the morning I’d go with the Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster.


not sure if its held with inflation, but the general rule was that £300 is the sweet spot for budget guitar. Great improvements the more you spend up to that point, diminishing returns after that. Cheaper ones will be perfectly usable, but a bit rougher fit and finish, and lower quality electronics.

however reckon there is a case to be made to start on something cheap, I think it is a persons second guitar that they should spend a bit more money on, now they know they like it, know a bit more about what they want


looks good to me

but she won’t like the faded off-white or the black pickup guards & knobs at all :slight_smile:

but something like this is in the ball park, though at this price I’m almost in the low end of used MIJ/CIJ Fender territory