Gear Wanker thread Mk II


Hi all

Talking of guitars - I have a epiphpne les Paul that I have had since I was about 15 - cost about £300 30 years ago, and some acoustic thing, kind of feel like I would like a new ‘better’ guitar, but literally have no idea where to start


Where do I start? Never really got into the tech side of guitars - so find it all quite intimidating really!


tbh I was trying to persuade her that she should go for a J Mascis Squier Jazzmaster (so I could borrow it)

didn’t seem sold on that though

She does like my Jaguar but she wants a strat and I can understand why


Big Michael Karoli fan eh?

I think the Bullet Strat you posted above is the way to go so BITT. If she wants something better in a few years she can always upgrade. Get it set up right and I doubt you’ll have any problems.


acoustic or electric?
which one looks the coolest?
also, you after different sound from your les paul pick up wise etc.
sort of stuff do you play?


she does actually have a couple of Can tracks on her ‘ultimate playlist’ as it goes

Yeah, we’ll probably start her off with the Bullet unless we stumble across an unexpected bargain between now & her birthday


You have the ultimate cool family BITT!


I make kind of electronica stuff which sometimes has bits of guitar on it -

Not a jag but there is some guitar in this -

I don’t really listen to ‘guitar music’ ha ha ha! So it’s a bit hard to say what it needs to sound like - not like a guitar I guess!

But yeah, the electric as it’s a bit fucked as well after my brother dropped it and broke the next about 15 years ago (got fixed but not the same since!)


cheers, yeah, she’s pretty great …got to give her all the encouragement possible. She doesn’t want to play in a band though, doesn’t even want to be a performer or solo artist either she says. Wants to be a songwriter and write for others (though really she wants to go to NYU & study film and become some kind of Tarantino/Spike Lee/Greta Gerwig hybrid… so maybe no custom shop or '58 vintage strats just yet)


if you are getting her a budget amp as well i’d highly recommend this one, no built in effects or anything but it sounds great. I used it more than my proper tube amp


cheers. She has a Roland cube atm which is decent but this looks good for a next step ta


my local arts centre has this thing called modular cafe, where everyone brings their modular synths and has a jam, might get a modular synth


look at this


Used to do a bring your own synth night at a local café. Was great fun messing around with people’s DX-7s and Moogs. I just brought a Nintendo DS with a Korg cartridge and used the drum machine.


tempted to go and watch at least


This is more up my street. Have wanted them to reissue this for years.


I wonder why they’ve done it as an ‘alternative reality’ model rather than straight up reissue, can’t see what changes they’ve made, slightly pointier maybe


Bridge is different (looks like a Gotoh twelve string bridge with a metal plate surrounding it) and there’s a normal three-way toggle (instead of the rotary switch) but otherwise it looks pretty bang on!

Going to have to start putting money away nowwwwww!


If its not about a particular sound then itll all be in the neck, go to a shop and play a few different ones and see which you like and which suit your hands


Seconded. I ended up with my Strat because the neck felt perfect in my hands. Would never have kept it in a million years if it didn’t feel right.


Actually some excellent and easily digestible advice! :+1: