Gear Wanker thread Mk II


I don’t use Midi (or at least not yet) my only other pedal that I use that I think I could Midi with is the empress superdelay? I am gonna upgrade that at some point to the echosystem but saying that it’s quite easy to recall presets on those empress pedals without Midi anyway so I dunno.


That makes me feel funny. Not good funny.


I like the idea of a jazz bass styled non-bass, but it needs to have a rosewood fretboard and jazzmaster/jaguar trem.

In general though I like how fender are just trying out lots of wacky stuff, those acoustic telecasters have really grown on me


Quite like the other one they’ve announced, the Meteora:

Won’t be buying any guitars anytime soon though. Definitely making a synth my next major instrument purchase.


that looks like the guitar I designed for my design and communication GCSE


Was the design brief to create an offset guitar that looked like it could go really fast?


Honestly think this might be their best niche now tbh. My #bigonions is that for (e.g.) a bog standard jazz bass there’s now always a better non-Fender option at a given price point, so they’re better off pushing more niche stuff and artist models etc.

No idea if this applies to proper guitars or not.


think with guitars until the past couple of years fender have been really conservative, 100’s of options for strats and teles, all the other types just a few relatively expensive models in sunburst/white/red. where as fender japan seem to do all kinds of experimental things, loads of colours.

Main fender seem to have cottoned on now, there are loads of different offset lines, and they are digging into their back catalogue and trying out new things.

Seems strange, I really think for instance the demand for jaguars/jazzmasters was there since the early nineties and they are only now really capitalising on it. Its like before they thought the thing to do was to just make a small range guitars, and in the most popular colours, like they had no understanding that people into guitars are quite often collector types


Totally getting the olympic white version of this, have been waiting for them to reissue it for years!

Not out until July so gonna get saving…


I quite like them.


I’ve gone from instant revulsion to desperately wanting one


So excited about buying an Enzo. Gonna do it next week i think, just gonna sit on the excitement for a while first.


Going to sell a load of pedals to fund the Helix LT purchase, reckon I’ll keep my ehx cathedral to solve the spring reverb problem, pog2 as well as that still seems to be something the multifx don’t do as well.

Need to act quick before brexit puts the price up on everything


Alright m8. No need to brag about your Ferrari!


Watch the Anderton’s video with the Captain and Danish Pete.


To get back to revulsion?


Saw danish Pete in Wagamama once, easily the best anderton




Man, a clip of that made its way into my YouTube recommendations. Was anyone really aching for that guitar sound? Were they struggling to achieve it? And it didn’t even sound like Dookie!


The strapline should be “pay £220 to not sound like Billie Joe Armstrong”.