Gear Wanker thread Mk II

I’ve already paid significantly more for just that privilege.


I like the idea of pedal people becoming all cork sniffery about achieving the pop punk sound

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Good price

Ebow plus or Aeon?

I believe the later doesn’t have the harmonics mode which is the better of the two ebow modes

That’s what my concern is. Apparently the latter also has a lower pull or whatever, but i’m unsure if that’s good or bad.

I’ve never had a problem with ebow battery life when I’ve remembered to turn it off

Yeah, that isn’t really a concern, more that the lower pull has been said by some to make a less forced sound or a mor natural sound. Not sure if that’s what I’d want anyway.

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That makes sense as you have to really lower the volume and tone for the ebow, but if you have a jazzmaster there is the often maligned rhythm circuit which is perfect for ebow preset

Yeah I’d heard that about the JM, pretty useful feature. I pretty much only ever use it as a lazy total volume cut.

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Can anyone recommend some affordable active monitor speakers? Budget up to about £150 - needs to have a headphone input. The thing I’m using at the mo can’t really cope with the bass of the grandmother. I record to 4 track cassette so super clear digital fidelity is not really required

I was looking at these - mainly cos I like the green :grinning:

Can’t really recommend any as I’ve had mine years so not cast an eye on what’s available. That said, my pair of mackies have been going strong for 10+ years and sound great :man_shrugging:

Mate has a pair of rokits he’s happy with :man_shrugging:

Edit: sadly mine are not green :frowning:

cool cheers - were yours in a similar kind of price bracket (allowing for inflation I guess!)?

Think mine were about £200 each…

JBL get a lot of love, never used them myself though

ah ok - about 4x nicer then :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is something I need to be spendy on or not really. I suspect not for my purposes

It’s a real ball ache to buy in my experience. Go to a shop and the room is nothing like the shape/treatment of yours, you get to sort of learn the character and flaws of whatever you get over time… which you don’t have in a shop.

:man_shrugging: decide on a budget and take the plunge. If it comes to mixing etc then use as many sources as possible. Headphones and cars reveal a lot, as does the stereo in your living room you’ve had since you were 12 :slight_smile:

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Any of you folks ever owned/used a Fender Newporter?
In the mood for a new Electro Acoustic and this appeals.

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Thomann are selling real tape delays half price, talk me out of it