Gear Wanker thread Mk II


we’ve got a label maker, so i guess i could use that and always take them off if i disagree with their appearance. I’d love to get the pedals painted but then I’d be scared of stomping and scratching.


i can’t claim to know much about it but when you said

i figure it’s worth pointing out that you’re right - studio monitors are completely neutral - but unless you’ve treated your room to a really high standard your room is definitely nowhere near neutral, thus the controls on the monitors and the fact that dampening will be helpful in making an improvement

others will be able to give you more specific advice but there will definitely be things you can do to improve your room without spending much. even placement of the monitors within the room can make a huge difference

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I’m just curious as to how the controls are supposed to work, when the goal is neutral, but the controls to adjust for the room are a crude high and low cut/boost, seems like it might be better to have no controls and just tell people to sort their rooms out rather than have controls that aren’t precise enough


This looks really cool and fun


Want. This is just the sort of thing I’m after.

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Got a malekko effects send/return for my eurorack. Not had chance to use it yet :unamused:


Here’s my current bedroom set -up - ran out of space and working from the top of a chest of drawers was not ideal - so I got a standing desk thing from IKEA

New monitors added, plus I recently got a Mother 32 to double down on synth stuff


Thinking of getting something like a Boss Katana mini amp, or the Vox Pathfinder, or the Yamaha THR5. One of those lunchbox-size guitar amps. It’s purely for tooling around in my bedroom and to replace the piece of shit Marshall 10W jobbie that I rescued from a skip a decade ago.

Any opinions on any of those?


pulled the trigger on the Line 6 Helix LT, got bored of saving and just stuck it on the credit card, I have a conspiracy, andertons dont have any multi-fx on display except secondhand, and even online their price is £30 more, my conclusion, they don’t want people to have multifx, they want them on the single fx treadmill forever


I can vouch for the guitar version of the pathfinder, sounds identical to the sound I dial in on my egnater tweaker by sheer luck, having said that it doesnt distort well, then the boxyness comes in (don’t understand why, would have thought the smallness of speaker limits bass, and distortion is adding high end harmonics, dont know what is going on)

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Sorry, meant for guitar. I’ve got an entry level Yamaha guitar, which plays fine (for my non-existent skill level), but sounds absolute gash through the dreadful Marshall thing.


The Fender Mustang GT40 is pretty good might be a bit too big though


the pathfinder really is good, I have barely used my main amp since I got it, but like I said doesnt handle gain well so it depends on what you want. denim version is worth paying the bit extra for in my opinion

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I have the THR10 - it’s pretty decent for a quick “plug in and play” and the ability to plug in your phone to play along with tunes is good. The effects are limited as far as tweakability but sound good enough

It also doubles as my only “bass amp” - which I assume is what you’ll be using it for

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I’ve read more now and see you do want it for guitar

The guitar tones are decent I’d say, does a clean twin type sound, an ac30 style crunch, Marshall style and then something more hi gain like a boogie or something

I don’t think drive pedals plugged into it sound quite right (think this is true of all digital type amps) - better if you just use the drive from the amp itself

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Helix LT arrived, taking awhile to warm to it, was expecting all the over the top presents to sound really lush but my guitar just sounds really thin on most of them. the spring reverbs definitely aren’t up to it, so going to have to keep my EHX in the loop


anyone know how ring modulation works? on my ancient boss me-30 the ring modulation was one of the expression pedal effects, at the heel there was none, sweeping through to the maximum value at the toe, it sounded quite cool, like the sound was being ripped a part but when it reached that toe position it sounded kind of harmonious. trying to recreate it with my helix, not sure what to set as the minimum and maximum frequencies. it works by summing the frequency with the signal, and mixing in the difference between the signal and frequency, so I guess maybe it is impossible to set a frequency that works harmoniously with any note, maybe the boss one worked differently


Thinking of getting a Squier VM Jazzmaster in sonic blue as a birthday present from me to me. The J Mascis looks nice too but I’ve read that the pickups are more P90 than JM, which is fine, but not a Jazzmaster.

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If it comes with the bridge the Jaguar one comes with change it, it’s bloody awful.


It does and yes, he should absolutely change it. Eps has dealt with Staytrem before I think.

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