Gear Wanker thread Mk II

as I am now officially a multi-fx zealot, I reckon more people should get the Line 6 M5. I’ve noticed with the Helix LT some of my favourite effects are actually the old legacy ones from old products. You could probably get one for £60 on eBay, and look at all the fx you get access too

it is worth it for the particle verb alone


Got a new sample and hold and a plaits :smiley:


Seriously thinking about getting a Universal Audio OX for guitar recording.

Could you try another attenuator before
dropping 1k on one?

The attenuation is comfortably the least interesting and/or useful feature.

What are the advantages over a speaker load box and then using IR’s for speaker sims?

Tell me how everyone would arrange the following 12 pedal array…

Fuzz, reverb/delay, ehx freeze, rat, vibrato, tremolo, flanger, analog delay w/ mod, reverb, delay, tuner, loop sampler

I would go

Analog delay

my reasoning would be, I think reverb sounds good after low/medium gain (that the rat can be), but fuzz sounds better after reverb (before and it just turns to a synthetic mush), tremolo also sounds good before reverb. The freeze sounds very static, so having the vibrato and flanger after it will add some movement, looper before the reverb/delay just so the loops dont abruptly cut off when stopped, and you have a delay before it if needed in the loop, tuner at the end as it can act as a kill switch

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Tuner - Rat - Fuzz - Delay.

Absolutely great question I’m not free to answer now though

Messy as fuck, but great fun so far


Obviously a lame question, but it’s hopefully fun - what’re people’s all time favourite pedal? I want something new but I’m not exactly sure what yet, so thought it would be cool to hear what people love using. For me at the moment it’s the EHX Freeze, it sounds wonderful and reedy, and it’s really surprising how versatile it is - not just as a big drone button but for thickening stuff out, weird harmonic beds, big swells, it’s the best. I’m planning on sampling every note of my guitar through it and making a synthesizer from it in Ableton too. Though also the Line 6 Echo Park is great even just as a tape pre-amp to make everything sound slightly fluttery and mangled, I use it on literally everything.

I think I can guess one or two answers, and the Helix does indeed look brilliant!

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Mine’s 100% the Strymon El Capistan. That’s been a staple of every single ambient thing (and some non-ambient things) I’ve done almost 4 years.

Sound-on-sound crinkled up old dying tape loops on one hand, and a lovely dark tape delay on the other. Love it.

I think the only other pedal that’s lasted as long on my board is the Old Blood Noise Endeavours Dark Star. Lovely pad delay-into-reverb with bit-crushing and octave up/down.

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Caitlinbread belle epoche delexue for me

struggling to answer as I’ve just sold the majority of mine in favour of the helix so I can’t be that attached to many. Hung on to the EHX cathedral and POG2 so I guess them. Still have my deluxe memory man, need to fix the power socket, one of my favourite sounds, but easily emulated by other pedals

Probably the Dan Electro Reel Echo I think its the best tape echo copy going or the moog minifooger tremolo

(Reissue) Russian Big Muff for me, I’m afraid. Boring answer but it’s the one.

Boss DF-2 Super Distortion and Feedbacker OR Boss DSD-2 Digital Delay and Sampler. Two wonderful pedals I can’t do without

This is an inspired effect order btw. Digging it!

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I am far from having tried all the pedals i want to and a lot of mine are cline I built…

My favourite is my Clari(not) clone. it’s bizarre and makes mostly silly noises, but if you tune it in perfectly, it’s lovely.