Gef, the talking mongoose


Please share other examples of slightly creepy phenomenon where no one’s sure if it’s a hoax or a weird delusion (or an actual talking mongoose).


Mongoose wanker


na is right, I don’t believe that mongoose talked


My old bosses here (it was a bit like my two dads) used to sometimes talk about this famous chicken that had its head cut off but then continued to live for some years afterwards.


assuming that there isn’t more than one of these




Classic rock n roll death.

Reading this back, it’s a lot more horrible than I remember, I hope it wasn’t real.


Once I was thinking about calling someone, but then didn’t but then like a few weeks later they called me!?




yeah. my mum was freaked out


this is really disturbing

  • Hoax
  • Weird delusion
  • Actual talking mongoose

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