Gender equality

We did it!


“Rather it equalises a historic asymmetry between men and women and thereby corrects historic direct discrimination against men.”

Er, doesn’t it do the opposite

It will be 70+ or something. I can’t take 35…40ish more years of this!!!1
Would quite like a 2 day a week job in a garden centre by then though.


Peoples Pension are extremely helpful from my own experience, I’d say it’s worth giving them a call

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I have 2 and don’t know anything really about them other than I give them money and then they give me more money when I will no longer give a shit about money and will probably just happily sit in a chair anywhere.

Not really a question if I’m honest, it actively does slow the progress of equality by moving towards a one-size fits all system prematurely when the rest of the landscape is uneven and we haven’t levelled the playing field from historical patriarchy. It’s bad.


I have no pension, am I going to be totally fucked?

As I don’t think Bam’s around to point it out, we’ll be long into our socialist utopia by then :+1:


I read that earlier. Surely you need to know how much she earns to put it into any sort of context.

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As another non-pension person, I vote yes for raffle. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to living out my twilight years eating dust and grubs.


Same :confused: this is what pisses off more than anything about being poor…that continuance of being poor forever, and it getting more of a worry the older I get.


Damn you, dust baron!

We won’t make it to retirement age so I don’t think there’s any point worrying about it

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