Gender Roles


I’m having that. Fantastic band. Great guitar tones, man.


fucking love this band now. they were great at the BSM all dayer on saturday.


Wish I’d gone, who else did you see?


not a huge amount of people tbh - sat in The Experiment drinking really nice beers before heading to Paper Dress Vintage - accidentally caught a bit of Bellvue Days which are like a weird cross between Jamie T and Brand New - not very good - sorry Bellvue Days. then Gender Roles who were great. then sat in the bar in MOTH Club during Talons who are also not very good - sorry Talons. then saw Tangled Hair who were fucking great as always. then the Weezer cover band thing which was pretty good, some fun stuff, some under-rehearsed stuff, fair play to them really. then went back to the Cock Tavern and had another pint that I really didn’t need and woke up at 1pm yesterday.


Ah, I contemplated going to, and staying in, PDV for Fresh followed by Yr Poetry but… didn’t. Weezer covers band sounds fun!


I was gonna mention how there’s loads of female punk bands with male drummers and how more women need to play drums. But I guess this thread isn’t about that…