Gene Simmons Files Trademark for Devil Horns Hand Gesture


what’s the least metal thing you heard lately?



he’s not even properly doing the devil horn gesture in that photo.


It’s Dio’s gesture Simmons you cunt!


Devil Horns is certainly not the first hand gesture I think of when I think of Gene Simmons.


Microsoft patents 1s and 0s


Pissing on RJD’s grave. Shameless.


from the description it seems like he’s trying to trademark his own wrong thumb-out version that nobody else in the world uses anyway.

fuck him.


One of the worst men in the world. An absolute choad. I don’t know what choad means, but Simmons is one.


Apparently Simmons has given up - “Abandoned because the applicant filed an express abandonment.”

What a (insert appropriate hand gesture)!