General expensive artisanal 'foodie' gifts thread

have you ever bought any of them tins of crisps or pork scratchings that retail for £15?
most you’ve paid for a bottle of oil? do you regularly pay over £5 for a bar of chocolate?


In order:

  • No
  • No
  • Maybe £7 for a really big bottle of olive oil (plain)
  • No

I’m not actually very fancy, and my family don’t really like food so it’d be no use buying this shit for them.

my brother and sister have come up with this idea that we get eachother hampers full of nice booze, cheese, chutneys etc idk. was gonna get my bro an r2d2 cafetiere, clearly better.

bonus anecdote: couple geezers in a shop called me a posho for spending £4 on a massive bottle of filippo berio

Not really for myself, but I’ve run out of things to buy my brother and his tv for Christmas. So they now get a hamper that I put together with lots of foodie stuff. Mostly from Tebay this year. This year’s includes Charbonnell et Walker hot chocolate and some ridiculously expensive chutney (£7)

Expensive food is my go-to Christmas present for people who have too much stuff already i.e. most of my family. We’ve started getting hampers from family members who don’t see us much and therefore don’t know what else to get us. My dad also does a hamper for me and my brother and sister each year where he goes to Aldi/Lidl and buys loads of weird shit, but I doubt own-brand Spam and cans of lobster bisque count as artisanal.

Never paid more than a couple of quid for oil. Not much of a crisp connoisseur but I can’t see how a £15 bucket of ready salted is gonna be much better than a pack of Leicester’s finest.

I bought one of those massive jars of scratchings last January when they had them knocked down to a fiver.