General Fitness Thread (Spring Edition)


  • how’s your fitness level?
  • what’s your current regime?
  • any plans, goals, etc?


for me:

  • not great tbh, below average for me
  • just piddling about in the gym occasionally, need to step it up
  • now that the sun’s out i wanna get into a better routine, maybe take some classes and get into decent shape

diamond spade death


Ahm oot.

  • Best it’s been in my adult life
  • Running 5 times a week + football once a week
  • Marathon in 2 weeks! (then might start going boxing training to do all body strength stuff cause I find lifting really dull)


bonus question: what’s “”"“the best way to get in really good shape”""" in your H. “”"“opinion”"""?


depends what you mean by ‘good shape’, but boxing’s meant to be good for strength, cardio and fat loss all at the same time


eat healthy

do regular exercise


  • not bad, not great. last year I was cycling to work and going to the gym regularly but gotten pretty lazy.
  • run ~6km three mornings a week
  • signed up for a 10k in May and also want a good level of aerobic fitness for a big hike in the Andes in September


how’s your fitness level? Not great.
what’s your current regime? Nothing
any plans, goals, etc? No



Did a lot of swimming in my youth and that seemed to work. I imagine my metabolism is properly borked now. Having said that if I eat really fast my stomach will never know, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.



Fitness level… not too sure, not great honestly but it’s improving! Started going to the gym more frequently, trying to do 4-5 times a week. When I’m there I just do classes which are RPM mainly but I’ve started bodypump and ashtanga yoga and body balance so we’ll see how it goes. Goal is to be less flobby and fit into all my smaller clothes :smiley: :thumbsup:

WE CAN DO IT!!! rocky music


ha, like I only started doing this very recently and it’s extremely sporadic - three mornings is probably generous


Depends what you want me to do, really. Upper body strength is pretty good, and I can hang off things for a long time. But my overall fitness level? Probably the least aerobically fit I’ve ever been, and my mission is to make my legs as scrawny and weak as possible to keep my weight down for climbing, so don’t make me run anywhere.

Climb for 1.5-2.5 hours 3-4 times a week.
Aiming to have sessions where I focus respectively on:

  • Basic strength - lots of hanging off small holds for basic finger strength, one-arm pull-ups for back and arms, front-levers for core.
  • Power - campus boarding. Covert that strength into something more dynamic.
  • Specific types of moves/holds that I’m less good at and so normally shy away from.

On rest days I tend to do press-ups and free weights targeting my shoulders to try and maintain some semblance of balanced development.

Climb called ‘The Keel’ at Almscliffe near Leeds. It’s V9, which would be my hardest to date.
Maybe actually get confident lead climbing once I move up north as there’s some great places for outdoor routes up there.

  • My fitness level is probably the best its been since the day I tore the ligaments in my ankle a month before A-levels. It’s a long way off what it was then, though, when I was playing football or going swimming training anything up to 10 times a week.
  • Training for a marathon towards the end of April, so in addition to playing hockey once a week, and running home (13K) twice a week, I’m also spinning out one of my weekly runs into a long run of anything between 20K and 35K)
  • Complete the marathon! I’ve just got a bike too, and will look to commute into and out from work three times a week. It also makes getting to the swimming pool a lot easier, so I may swim in the mornings a couple of times a week as well.


My fitness levels aren’t great, feel quite unfit, which I never used to. Normally I weigh about 12st4 at 6’2. But in the last year I’ve jumped to 13st2. I’m not overweight but feel sluggish. Work commitments means I don’t get to gym as much as I used to, and don’t go on my lunch time walks.

I like to go to gym 3 times a week, but due to work that hardly happens. I need to get back into that. Plus walk more. Might try and do a weekly or fortnightly walk in the countryside now its getting nicer. I also want to get back into playing football, but I’m not good enough for a serious team so that probably won’t happen.


how’s your fitness level? Injured.
what’s your current regime? Nothing, I’m injured
any plans, goals, etc? Not to be injured


Come to DiS football!


I have thought about that. But I always imagine its of quite a good standard?


worried I might be getting too fit? like Bruce Lee?

think I’m going to have to take it down a notch.