General hair chat [all lengths]

What’s going on with your hair huns? Any plans, concerns, woes?

Basically growing mine out still. I’d like it to go greyer but I dunno how, stress I suppose but I have plenty of that!!!

Tell us about your hair.

Hello Eric. My hair is Lego hair as ever. I will need to bring my monthly hair cut slightly forward this month due to an upcoming wedding.

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People are seemingly disappointed now mines a bit shorter.

Sick of the style but no idea what else I’d do with it tbh

Trying to decide whether I should dye it as it’s proper grey and makes me look even older than I am.

  • You should
  • Effort
  • Give it a try, why not? What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Don’t do it ffs
  • Don’t care don’t care

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Would probably need to do the beard too though

  • Nah, you wouldn’t need to
  • Effort
  • Yeah, good point
  • Just shave it off
  • Just don’t do any of it ffs
  • You should just dye the beard lol

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Nah, grey hair is all good.


I ran out of shampoo a month ago and it’s much better this way

Since I started getting @he_2 to cut my hair, it’s been fabulous, and doesn’t grow as thick as normal. He’s the only person who has ever managed to cut it exactly how I like, without even asking me what I want doing. He just knows. GENIUS.


Grey hair looks good, a dyed beard will never look good imo


How the hell do people have consistently nice looking hair. Mine is literally a dice roll, I swear.

Also I’ll think “looking slick” from a front angle, and then I’ll turn and catch a glimpse from a sideways view and think “holy hell”.

tl;dr three dimensions = too many dimensions


Got my hair cut last week. As always thought it was ok at the time but now that it’s had a week i’m pretty happy with it.


Seems mad that in this day and age a haircut should still have to look rubbish for a few days

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Probably never gonna get it properly cut ever again tbh

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Had a haircut this morning, my usual barber wasn’t there so it’s not quite how I like it but boy do I look 10x better than I did yesterday.

My hair is fine, don’t really do anything with it really

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I get a lot of ‘get a haircut mate lol’ but whenever i do get it cut short people say it looked better longer

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I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow, I’ve recently stopped using shampoo so I expect that will be a topic of conversation (‘my god, you’re greasy’ etc.)

I’m going for not fluffy but messy at the moment and yesterday I looked so good that I was stopped in my tracks when I saw my reflection.

I don’t use shampoo, mugs game tbh

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  • I use it
  • Hair is self-cleaning
  • Other

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Quite pleased with my current haircut, Andy does a good job.

Grey hairs are coming in at an alarming rate but whatever. The bigger concern is that I think I’ll look like a thumb when I go bald.

Brexit innit

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