General Hygiene Concerns (rolling)

The place we went for lunch had bottles of sauce which looked like the type that they fill up when they get empty. My stomach’s a bit dodge, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s because they don’t get stored / cleaned properly / bacteria farm.

Toilet doors need foot handles so you don’t have to touch anything after washing your hands.

How often should I wash my jumpers? Stuff in direct contact with the skin gets one or two wears, that’s fine, but that seems excessive for a jumper. What about a coat?

How can i remember the last time I got my suit dry cleaned considering how infrequently I wear it?

Is rinsing fruit under the cold tap enough?

Anyone else got any?

or just make them open outwards.


Your nose is insensitive to your own flavour though. I mean sure, if it’s honking you’ll know, but if it’s musty then everyone else will know but you will only be able to tell from their faces and the pointing.

should you floss?

  • yeh
  • nah

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Also, taking advice on this from @colinfilth feels unwise


Since I got wisdom teeth that don’t need to be wrenched out, I’ve had to start flossing, otherwise I get bad breath and that’s the worst thing ever. Do it every other day though because there are only so many hours.

Can’t remember the last time I rinsed any fruit.

Never rinse vegetables either - apart from leeks because they’ve often got mud in the first couple of layers.


I do worry about overflossing with the abrasions and making it worse and stuff. Wisdom teeth are the worst.

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How often do you wash your bin out?

I discovered the bin here has not been washed out in a LONG time. There was like half a tomato squashed on the inside of the lid. I’m gonna have to get in there as it’s making me feel queasy.

For the majority of cases, sure, but

“It’s a myth that a little bit of dirt doesn’t do you any harm,” says Dr Andrew Wadge, chief scientist of the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

“Soil can sometimes carry harmful bacteria and, although food producers have good systems in place to clean vegetables, the risk can never be entirely eliminated.”

Those risks were highlighted in the 2011 Escherichia coli (E. coli) outbreak in the UK. Soil stuck on leeks and potatoes is thought to have been the source of the outbreak, which involved 250 cases of E. coli infection.

The visible parts, every few days, the insides, every couple of months I reckon.

  • Tepe
  • Floss
  • Neither

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“can” “sometimes”. Some myth-busting there! But, sure, could be due a bout of e-coli myself soon.

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I like do to the inside bits every time I empty the bin!

Both, alternating

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Well I hope you don’t get eColi

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Every time there’s some bin juice in the bottom / when it’s dirty. Food bin gets a wipe every time it’s emptied. Those things are gross.

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Only had a food bin for the first time in my life since moving here. So disgustingly gross, so much juice. I also wash it every time

We’ve got flimsy smart price bin bags that rip everytime we empty the bin at the moment. A true false economy, that