General Hygiene Concerns (rolling)

The sheer panic and disgust when an old, cold, wet teabag falls out of the bag onto your bare foot :cry:

It’s hard work experimenting with bag thicknesses to get the right one for your bin, mainly because the consequences of getting it wrong can be so disasterous.

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Never a truer thing said. I’m always surprised at how expensive premium bin bags are.

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Expensive but necessary. I have two designated brands of bin bags that have to be bought for our bins. As I am always the one putting the bins out I don’t want to have to deal with bin juice ever.

Food bin users: put some shredded paper in there after each time you empty it.

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I know that game

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Hang on… aren’t people using those compostable food bags in their food bins/caddies?

should, I guess
cba though

just you and top gear’s own there

Yup, but somehow some juice still gets through :nauseated_face:

Yeah we change ours twice a week even if there’s minimal waste in there. Seems to keep the juice at bay but yeah once a month or so there’ll be a puddle of green in the bottom which requires immediate attention.

Also we don’t eat a lot of saucy stuff so that probably helps.

I think it’s the not-quite-dry coffee grounds in our case, or at least I hope it is

Yeah if they’re still a bit warm too that’ll compromise the bag.

It’s all starting to make sense

Yeah I don’t drink coffee any more either. So never have any grounds in there. Might be worth lobbing coffee straight into a separate composting bag rather than the main one.

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Don’t know about anyone else, but I use mine to store carrots.

I remember going to athens after the olympics had been announced and there’d clearly been a lot of investment and everywhere had had the toilets done up (a few years earlier those hole in the floor ones had still been fairly common). At least a couple of restaurants we went to had loos with foot pedal operated flushes. These are clearly the way to go imo.

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We put a sheet of folded up newspaper at the bottom of the biobags, which seems to stop the bags falling apart.

I wash my kitchen bin out probably once a month or so. I don’t know if this is less than average, more than average or quite normal.

My local council tells us we can use regular plastic bags for food waste so i use the cheapest shittest bags for it.