General Opinions Thread (Chat + Beeves encouraged)


  • Love that cold tomatoey nectar
  • Soup should be hot
  • Never had it but might like it
  • Never had it but would hate it

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Good Gazpacho is absolutely glorious. Trouble is there’s often not enough of it.

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I tried a sample of Gazpacho at Nusa Kitchen yesterday and it was delightful.

Problem is it feels weird eating that at my desk.

In a summer garden? Yes

Re: Heatwave

  • Loving the spike in weather chat
  • Love the heat, can’t get enough of it
  • Fuck me, I cannot wait for winter

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Love hot weather. Great to know for sure when you wake up it’s going to be a day for shorts. Better than warmish weather when you’re sweating in jeans but too cold for shorts or you’re constantly carrying an extra top around.

nah too sweaty, hate having to shave my legs, general CBA for it

enjoy the warmer weather but absolutely FUCK weather chat of any sort

"warm again today eh?"
“yes, yes it is…”


I’ve been eating a LOT of soup this past week, and in this weather, I’ve been thankful for cold soup, even if 99% of them are worse than hot soups in most circumstances.

What cold soup are you having?

Gazpacho, carrot and ginger, pea and mint. That kind of thing.

I’ve had to make sure that they are really smooth (I’m eating soup because I had my wisdom teeth out), but I also had a melon soup once that was amazing.

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All soup is for dicks! (apart from Pato Banton and rankin’ Rodger)

Melon soup is a smoothie marckee


really wish it was Christmas

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Drinking Heinz tomato soup cold out the can:

  • Acceptable
  • Unacceptable

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Sometimes I wish it could be Christmas every day

More of a pudding that

You’d end up slicing your lips to pieces, surely?

This is a smoothie bowl.

Been doing it for years and my lips are unsliced. Just take the lid off and you’re good