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here is the thread for politics and philosophy stuff that doesn’t quite fit in the brexit, uk politics or trump threads, which tend to be better for tracking day-to-day developments. here we will try to discuss political philosophies, and help equip each other with a broader understanding of ideologies/philosophies driving the current political chaos.

i’m anticipating it may not be that active but it could be a good place for us to come and ask questions we have about all kinds of issues and ideologies and stuff. let’s share interesting articles and book recommendations, historical episodes, global movement news, essays, wars past and present, etc etc.

these are worth having a nibble on, based on the conversation about societies/capitalism/development:


i found this interesting, on the use of woke ideology to promote sinister ideas like regime change and such (the writer also prevented dylann roof being able to plead insanity at his trial :+1:), give it a go:

sharing an article doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with what it says, just that you found something interesting about it. this is a safe political space! :fist::v:

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Nice one :+1:


Someone needs to set up a knee poetry thread as well. Then the mods can start post-shifting.


Shall I compare thee to a summers knee,
Awkward and boney, bent ninety degrees…


Just got the missus the abridged version of das kapital (what a lucky lady) so I’m gonna have a refresh of that

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thanks for making this in a spirit of good faith, you’re a good lad @anon18868718 :+1:

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massive missed opportunity missed for the title

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found that wrongkindofgreen article really interesting and thought provoking. Very interesting points about co-opting agency.

What is the role men can ethically play in questioning the marketing and agenda behind the commodification of female sexuality?

I guess the point is to boost the platform of women who will challenge imperialist interpretations of individuality like you have done here @anon18868718

hope you’re doing ok pal! :slight_smile:

My bits in this thread are gonna be a bit like this


I’ve got a really big Marx book, might make it the first book I’ve ever read since leaving education

Is it das kapital?
It’s hard work.

it’s called Karl Marx selected writings and it’s a beast

Good shout for a thread, I’m super dumb so wouldn’t mind some good recs for more of this kind of reading


i forgot to @marckee they’re gonna be super pissed

holy god, this is incredible. unprecedented history of the iraq war released by US army, from the invasion via the surge, right up to emergence of ISIS. haven’t had much chance to dig in but i’m guessing someone had a hell of a time with that redaction marker. still, this is fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in US foreign policy and the last 16 years of it specifically:


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Was reading some of the CCRU collected works that’s up on Google if you make a wee search, as well as reading about Nick Land. He was in the CCRU with Mark Fisher,but land ended up pivoting to the hard right, and a lot of his writings pave the way for alt right throught.

So it’s interesting to see how ideas of accelerationism + CCRU made their way mainstream for the left and right. I do think it’s all a bit phoney though. You probably want to try and actively improve lives instead of smashing them thru the ceiling of capitalism

I watched a documentary about all this sort of thing. I felt really vindicated at the end bc I thought I was stupid, but all the philosophy postgrads, PhDs, and academics I watched it with (it was open to people outside philosophy but I think I was the only non-philosopher who showed up to the screening) were pretty baffled.

Yeah, I think accelerationism is pretty dangerous overall. Like, I can kind of get the idea of increased automation if the focus is on eliminating drudgery; but iirc the principle of left accelerationism takes it further to “increase capitalism’s power so that everything fucks up and then hopefully the next stage in accordance with Marxism can happen if everything’s not too fucked up”? Oh and of course right accelerationism is just Bob Page from off of Deus Ex going mental and banging a computer or whatever it is they’re doing

my dumb-but-interested layperson’s perspective was the influence on the first track (and to a lesser extent the rest of) my recent smash hit album of catchy bangers