🤔 📖 general politics and philosophy thread 📖 🤔

Yep, I got the feeling to understand I would need to read Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx ect, as well as all the critical literature surrounding them. Ahm oot

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yeah foucault’s the most understandable of any I’ve read bits of… barthes actually, he’s pretty accessible, but I’m not sure he counts. I was considering reading deleuze’s book about cinema at one point but never bothered fascinating post


Picked up Anti-Oedipus and tbh I think Foucault’s introduction was probably the easiest part of the text to understand, keep thinking about maybe joining a reading group or something to give it another go though.


Weird how this guy and others still stand by Nick Land as if his dark enlightenment stuff isnt utterly reprehensible.

Any dece philosophy/culture chat podcasts about? Been listening to one called DEATH///SENTENCE which is about ‘weird literature’ , philosophy and politics, and in between they play some truly unenjoyable metal. Any other dece ones?

This is worth a read

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just revisited this and it struck a chord

it’s looking at two quite different ways of thinking about borderlessness, contrasting European cosmopolitanism and liberal ordering with a more decolonial perspective (with reference to the ‘right of abode’ in Ghana’s constitution)

very interesting when thinking about the politics of “freedom of movement”

This is probably one of the best pieces of critical theory I’ve read about the pandemic so far

It’s pretty crude\vulgar theoretically just to say “the real villain is capitalism” however, I think it is quite interesting to talk about the spread of illnesses (particularly those that rely on zoonotic leaps) and primitive accumulation and/or capital expansion.

Currently reading Kill All Normies as I thought it was maybe an important book (seems to be discussed a lot). It’s enjoyable in so far as the story of the early 10s internet is probably the story of the youth culture I was most embedded in and I was ‘there’ for most of the key events described, but Nagle has no decent analysis to add and often misinterprets how 4chan and Reddit worked to radicalise many.