🤔 📖 general politics and philosophy thread 📖 🤔

Yep, I got the feeling to understand I would need to read Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx ect, as well as all the critical literature surrounding them. Ahm oot

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yeah foucault’s the most understandable of any I’ve read bits of… barthes actually, he’s pretty accessible, but I’m not sure he counts. I was considering reading deleuze’s book about cinema at one point but never bothered fascinating post


Picked up Anti-Oedipus and tbh I think Foucault’s introduction was probably the easiest part of the text to understand, keep thinking about maybe joining a reading group or something to give it another go though.


Weird how this guy and others still stand by Nick Land as if his dark enlightenment stuff isnt utterly reprehensible.

Any dece philosophy/culture chat podcasts about? Been listening to one called DEATH///SENTENCE which is about ‘weird literature’ , philosophy and politics, and in between they play some truly unenjoyable metal. Any other dece ones?