General purpose Friday thread

Morning all. Happy nearly-weekend!

I’ve got to leave the house and get on a train to travel to Cambridge today, as I need to drop my laptop off to be rebuilt. Will be getting off the train at :fireworks: CAMBRIDGE NORTH :fireworks: so that’s something. Might meet some of my work colleagues for long, so that’ll be nice.

What does your day have in store?

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Need to get up soon as need a wee.

Will be mostly working and eating. Baked some bread last night so nice bit of toast to start with.


I’ll stand in my window waving. You won’t see me, but it’s the thought that counts.

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I might be cycling past your local Co-op with a bag of facemasks and a dozen bottles of alcohol gel at around 9.45-10am.

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A lot of being outside in the rain

Quite sunny out

Pretty grey and windy out

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Got to go pick up a parcel today.

Annoying considering I didn’t leave the house yesterday :unamused:

Been food shopping. This weeks menu includes

Katsu curry

pasta bake
Veggie burgers & chips


Good morning folks,

It’s quite a quiet day for me today. Not many meetings in the diary, and my boss is off for the day too. Does that even make a difference if you’re WFH though?

Anyway, I think we’ve got a flour pot bakery order again this week, so doughnuts later this afternoon. Yum!

Gardener came and put the fence up yesterday. Today he lays the lawn!

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Oh I’m also picking up a presentation because someone’s ill and I know very little about the topic and it lasts for an hour and it’s at 10am thoughts and prayers

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Remember, you have to say “sorry, these aren’t my slides” at least once every ten minutes. It’s the law.


I’ve removed a slide about the presenter’s 5 children. I’d have very little to say about them and it would look really weird.


I’m going to be on telly today!!! 2.10pm, Channel 4, the awkward looking blonde one.

Tonbridge’s manager retweeted my dad tweeting about it, which is awesome :star_struck:

And it’s Hole day in HGATR so I need to type out an essay about how Courtney Love is one of my heroes and biggest aesthetic influences.

Happy Friday motherfuckers!!


It’s Friday :grin:
I’m on the late shift :frowning:
Going to Sainos now :grimacing:

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Got to give blood tonight, going to be interesting to see how that works in these times.

Want to go outside.
Too scared to go outside.
Sigh :frowning:

Just the two flat tyres and my chain falling off my bike twice on the way to the train station, then. Might have been a good idea to take it for a test ride after three months of it having been sat in my back yard unused :upside_down_face:

*checks watch*