General purpose Friday thread

Hello CCB and everyone,

Will I make it to the post office today? I’ve put it off every day for over 6 weeks now.

  • You WILL go to the post office today! I believe in you :+1:
  • You’ll faff about for too long then get nervous about going at a busy time and put it off until next week again (Ps. You’re not getting your refunds, you knob)

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Hope everyone has a good Friday and a happy weekend.

I believe in you


Thank you CCB :blush:

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Didn’t read the whole thing and do feel a bit bad for calling you a knob.

I think we need a rolling “money you’ve lost because you couldn’t be arsed to get a refund/ cash a cheque /etc” thread. I nearly lost £85 this month because of my lax approach to expenses claims. I’m no @epimer though


It’s okay, I really am a bit of a knob :slightly_smiling_face:

If I don’t get a refund for these clothes I’ll have lost about £80 :upside_down_face:

It’s my daughter’s 12th birthday. Plans:

Pancakes (done)
Homemade pizzas for lunch (with grandparents, in the garden)
Treasure hunt around the village
Sushi delivery

Tomorrow we go away in a motorhome. For one night. After the last few months it feels like we’re going on holiday.

A Saturday afternoon spent mucking around on a river with a stand up paddle board, followed by bbbbq and toasting marshmallows over a fire pit. Can’t wait.

Happy Friday!


Guys guys guys

We are not “Working from Home”, we are actually “Living at Work” :thinking:

I think what I’m saying is “I am fucking sick of this”


Sounds like a lovely weekend, hope you get good weather for it.


i’ve just run out of coffee filters

please don’t tell me “but you have a million other ways to make coffee”

v60 is the best, the rest is shit

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I’m out of coffee :frowning:

how did you let that happen?!?

Got loads of filters though

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God only knows

But you have a zillion other ways to make coffee!


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At least Pelicano down at the Level are open again now.

I think this is how I’ve run out, got blase that I could “just pop in” but I didn’t “just pop in”

Please inform me and @anon50098204 of the brand of hotdogs pls.

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