General question thread (no polls please </farage>)


Do you know anyone who isn’t into guitar based music at all who finds Spinal Tap funny?


Yeah it is DJ Bobo’s favourite film.


you know DJ Bobo???


My 70-year-old dad only likes classical music but still walks around singing “Big Bottom” to himself an awful lot


Yeah I always stay with him when I go to check on my gold reserves in Switzerland. Balonz shall I put on Spinal Tap I love little Stonehenge! Yeah, Yeah Bobes, if you like.


Yes mate, loads of people.


Never met anyone IRL who likes Spinal Tap…or Withnail and I.

It’s because they’re shite, warny.


‘Isn’t into guitar music’ is an odd way of putting things. Plenty of good sports films that I have enjoyed and I am not into sports, but you understand the world enough.


Actually thewarn is a flat earther.


Well theo, the question arose (in my mind) because I watched Spinal Tap with a bunch of my raving pals (Mr C; Balonz etc) and none of them found it humorous in the slightest.

Perhaps I just need better friends (sorry Balonz)


Look, I fucking told you to put Human Traffic on.


Perhaps you should overdub every shout of “rock n roll!” with “R n B!”, and make a note of how people’s reaction changes.


Mr C and Jeff Mills were getting quite aggro about the lack of flaming hot monster munch though. Was trying to calm them down a bit.


It’s called Belgium you prick


Never seen it. Invite me next time and I can give you an opinion.


I would guess then that it’s the type of humour that they aren’t into?