General Reading / Book Thread for 2019


Yes. Amazing book.

Also had something in my eye for about a week whilst reading it.

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Ohio by Stephen Markley. A genuine 10/10 for me. Powerful book beautifully written and bleak as fuck. Amazing the similarities between small ex- steel/ mining towns the world over.



Grav Ray update

At a part I can remember in all its haunting dank eerieness from my first read through (the bit with Franz Pökler and his daughter). I think I even whispered “yeeesss” when I realised what was approaching.

Like, this is some genius writing at work, man

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I dunno about this line of argument at all. I remember a Steven Fry thing from ages ago responding to criticism of sex scenes in films… “we see some go into the kitchen, we see them put the kettle on, is there any need for us to actually see the tea being made? Maybe we could just cut to the steam billowing from the kettle with a slow suggestive dissolve”

I think the problem is day, especially in the UK but also wider world, we’re embarrassed by sex and a lot of writers don’t have the first clue how to deal with it in a non embarrased and non embarrassing way, and as readers we can struggle to cope with it for similar reasons. I think if we were a bit more sex positive as a culture we could enjoy reading and writing sex more rather than trying to make the whole thing even more taboo than it already is.



Been doing a lot of reading on and around the EU because of the campaign and I recently finished EU: An Obituary it’s a little dry and the title is slightly more pessimistic than the content of the book, but he goes into a fair amount of detail about many of the issues that the EU has faced and possible solutions.

Probably worth pointing out that Gillingham is more or less a thatcherite and as such many of those solutions are kind of along those lines, but some of them, around the extra governmental organizations and the common currency are worth bearing in mind.



Finished :frowning:

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Just finished The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. Really enjoyed it, I thought the characters and universe were beautifully realised. Really want to live on the Wayfarer!

Glad i stumbled on the recommendation from @Scagden and @maggieloveshopey in the other book thread. Looking forward to reading the sequels.



Just ordered this on the basis of yours and @AcceptanceIII comments in here.




Another Celeste Ng fan here, just finished Everything I Never Told You and loved it. Made me sob. The vulnerability of parents always gets me :pensive:

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Is Sapiens shite? Sorta tempted but getting vague Dan Brown vibes off it.

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I quite enjoyed it, it’s fairly entry level anthropological history but for a complete newb like myself it’s quite good even if it does veer into slightly fantastical territory by the end.



This article is quite interesting

but BULLSHIT did the writer read GR when he was 13



still haven’t finished it, but that section is properly beautiful. </3

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I got given a copy as a present and I’ve never opened it because I have a similar suspicion

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People who eat darkness was very good. Started out as a fairly straightforward true crime account, then went through a section of quite boring daily mailesque stuff about the family involved and some random peripheral stuff, then the latter part of the book is just an utterly bleak and unrelenting account of a serial rapist and murderer. Like to think i’m pretty jaded when it comes to true crime but there was some stuff in there that really shook me.

Now onto reading @Epimer’s favourite recent scifi novel finally.



I’ll be here when you want to complain about how clever it thinks it is. Also the author looks exactly how you’d imagine.

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Out this week:

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The wife bought it for me so i’m basically obliged to read it even if it’s shite.

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Hope there’s an audiobook of this