General Reading / Book Thread for 2019


I need to resolve to read more this year, so I’m going to say it here for some accountability (not that I’m expecting anyone to hold me to it, I just do better if I say I’m going to do so). I need to finish reading Seibo There Below by Laszlo Krasznahorkai, that’s first on the list.



I have just read The Disposessed, which was excellent. Then read something else and am now reading The Lathe of Heaven, which is also excellent - so uncomfortable, but it is great how it creates that atmosphere and controls it so well.

Going to get a whole load more of her stuff as there are some convenient collections available and I have book tokens and a birthday coming up.

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Oh really? that is a shame, i’ve read about half of it so far and it seems very good so far, but the first part is social psychology stuff, the second part is neuroscience so I guess thats the area where those arguments are likely to be used.

I think the first part might be useful even if the second part is dodge, i’m someone who is guilty in the past of having a bit of a “common sense” view that there might just be difference between men and women’s strengths/weaknesses/preferences which I now realise is problematic as its constantly used to justify barriers which are the more significant thing. The first part of the book does a good job of undermining that and showing how influential stereotypes are on people and perceptions and how differences shown in experiments can disappear with slight different framings that neutralise those effects, think it will be useful against the whack-a-mole of peterson fans who pop up on my facebook feed with their highly selective stats

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yeah I think it’s a really good and important book in itself

mostly a misappropriation thing I think, I havent seen Fine say anything doggy herself



that should say dodgy


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May I suggest a mirror?

sorry this doesn’t really work and is very crass. I’ve had a wine.

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nah it absolutely works and im a fan

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Reading the power by naomi alderman as it was a xmas pressy.
Its alright but feels a bit young adulty? Was expecting it to be a bit more complex i think



Currently reading A Long Way From Home by Peter Carey.

It’s very Australian.



is anyone good at ordering books from their local library?

heard it’s a really good thing to be doing but I find my library so difficult to use



Do you mean like requesting that they buy something they don’t have, or reserving books that they do have? Either way, yes. What library is it?



I do it all the time for R*, the system my library use for online stuff seems very simple… but I guess it might not be the same everywhere? If it isn’t easy, try ask a librarian for help? Tend to find them a helpful GBOL**.

*or using his account to get picture books I want to read.
**great bunch of librarians.



I meant requesting that they buy stuff

I live in London so there is some inter library leading stuff but I find it really confusing and a lot of the libraries are staffed by volunteers who dont really know how it works either



Oh wait, haven’t done requesting they buy stuff. Did a few interlibrary loans way back, which I think I judt did online.

Do they have an online form for requesting books for them to buy?



Technically you can get an interlibrary loan from anywhere in the country, so if even one library has it technically you can get it.



I think they can charge seomteims though



It is confusing, I just had a look at my old library system (Tower Hamlets).

Looks like it’s easy enough to request books from other London boroughs, here:

And it implies you can order books from outside London (see the last paragraph - costs 5 pounds). But it says you have to do it in person, so you’re back at ‘the volunteers don’t know how it works’. (You probably knew all that but just confirming that it’s non-obvious, I guess).

My current library is much clearer:

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I’ve just started the Will Carruthers Spacemen 3 book and also a book about football stats called the numbers game which I’m loving.



That’s a nice pile of books you’ve got there.

Go Set A Watchmen is a excellent explanatory companion piece to the characterisation of Atticus Finch. Really explains his idiosyncratic nature.

And An Ice Cream War Pure bliss!

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Been reading a few too many white men and a bit too much sf, but:

New Hokkaido, by James McNaughton. Think The Man in the High Castle, but set in New Zealand. Basic action story, but has some interesting things to say about NZ culture (and also comments on the actual history of colonisation in NZ, with the Japanese acting towards the white NZers like they acted towards Maori in reality).
A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!, by Harry Harrison. Alt-history SF where the US never got independence, and a descendant of Washington is building an Atlantic tunnel. Bit too much out of the “big man does engineering” school of SF for me.
The Freeze-Frame Revolution, Peter Watts. Humans on a generation ship, who only get woken in shifts every thousand years or so, plot revolution against the ship’s AI.

Currently on Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places, a cold case murder mystery. Pretty good.