General Reading / Book Thread for 2019


That’s a killer fact




I finished Drive Your Plow… this week and would really recommend it to fans of odd detective fiction. The narrator’s voice is really distinctive.

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Fun Home is just wonderful isn’t it?

Bee facts are always great too. We have two hives on the work roof and I get excited when I see the bee folks come to check in on them. One day I’ll ask to go on a ride along.


it’s a whole lotta fun

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sadpunk you might find this interesting, i didn’t know bees had such a complex society

(check out the whole thread its almost game of thrones level intrigue!)


Half way through Authority, follow up to Annihilation which we read for our PEWPEW-SF book club. First book great, this one not so much, so will probably give up. I used to read and finish every single book. But I got to a point a few years ago when I realised I was wasting precious reading time for other things. Very liberating.

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I would advise (@ghosthalo too) maybe reading some really easy but good stuff. I recall I made my way through loads of Dick Francis and Ed McBain books from the library while doing my degree because the stress meant this was about all I could handle. Fast, pulp books, but written well, not pure trash like say Jeffrey Archer or Dan Brown is.

Edit: good YA works as well, eg The Hunger Games.

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Recently finished Lost Horizon by James Hilton in one sitting, which I thoroughly enjoyed. In general I love the interwar period in which it was written and set, and mixing that with the thought provoking escapism of a far off hidden utopia in the face of dark clouds forming on the political horizon I found really engrossing.

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You reading this is bringing to my mind the fact that I’m currently reading Henry James, who - good as he is - is also wordy as the day is long.

Today, I done a buying of My Year Of Rest And Relaxation, which is on my to-read list along wiiiiith

Night Watch by Terry Pratchett (in the mood for getting back into some Pratchett, and the Watch books were always my favourites)

A bunch of Philip K. Dick stuff (might read the short story collection I got in tandem with watching that Channel 4 show)


finished it, 10/10


About half way through and finding this totally engrossing. Really informative and and for someone who only knows some basic (and probably wrong) facts about Islam its written at just the right level.

Cheers man, real solid recommendation

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Oh great to hear! I gave it to a friend and they’re loving it too.


Just started Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy and it’s written first person in an accent.

I find reading stuff written in an accent distracting when I think it’s meant to make it more immersive or something.

“Aint a thing no one would reckernize”

Anyway, probs going to give up on it soon.


My Year of Rest and Relaxation is really really good so far

A lot of books are sorta funny, but it’s always nice when some text can take you by surprise and make you laugh out loud


A third of the way into Station Eleven which I bought about 4 years ago and for some reason am only just starting. Like it a lot so far and it was easy to get into from the off which is exactly what I needed.


Recently finished rereading At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O’Neil for the third time and still absolutely love it. It’s always a bit of a challenge to get into the language and the style but after a little while I’m fully swept up in the narrative and the big political questions about class and nationalism that it asks.

Onto Andrew O’Hagan’s The Secret Life and just finished the first story about Julian Assange which is absolutely mad.


Middlesex is an absolutely brilliant book. Gripping from start to finish.

I’m re-reading Nightmare Movies which is a Kim Newman potted history of the horror film since the 60’s.

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The TV bought me this by Sophie Lewis

She’s speaking at the ICA tomorrow if anyone is a about and interested. This interview touches on some of her ideas


Is At Swim, Two Boys different from At Swim, Two Birds?

I’ve read the latter but am now questioning everything.