General Reading / Book Thread for 2019


Yeah I’m totally like that as well.


This is something that frustrates me, I am resolved to getting my books used now unless I have book tokens to spend, but I really hate the uncertainty of covers that comes with second hand, especially as sometimes I wouldn’t mind paying a slight premium for a particularly beautiful one.


In the past I’ve messaged eBay sellers to ask if they can specify which cover (because invariably they don’t in the listing) if I’m being particularly particular, with mixed results.

Kind of related. My mate has recently got a job doing all the eBaying for a local charity who also have highstreet shops. Thought he’d be able to keep an eye out for me for any books I want. Turns out with books they tend to just flog a lorry load to World Of Books. I enjoy a bit of charity shop book buying but had noticed the pickings were slimmer these days. Wonder if the others do the same.

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those fucking Sci Fi Masterworks covers have put me off reading so much science-fiction

I got a copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for Christmas and it had a Blade Runner tie-in cover and it’s the rare occasion where a film tie-in cover is welcome (it’s also really nice cover art genuinely tbf).

The Haunting of Hill House tie-in cover irks me particularly, on that note, cause the series and the novel aren’t really related so it doesn’t make much sense

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Is that just Kevin getting a job as a detective?


with weed.


he actually solves the murder in the first chapter but slacks off on writing the case report

genuinely like this as an idea for a dumb crime story

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How comes? just the bad design? I’m reading a le Guin one now which I got 2nd hand, seems fine?


A lot of the covers just irk me

Not all of em


Yeah, they have an awful lot of stinkers in the covers and the overarching design between them is pretty ugly too.


:+1: I’ve read a lot of her non-Ripley novels now and enjoyed them all, but if you’re looking for more, The Tremor of Forgery and Deep Water have stuck with me as two of her best.

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Thanks. First I’ve read so will take a look. Nice easy reading but decent.


All of Nathanael West’s novels are incredible. Get on 'em! He had a very modern mind, I feel, more so than his time shoulda permitted really.

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I might re-read The Day of the Locust and Miss Lonelyhearts (which I have compiled in a single book somewhere). I’d be interested in sourcing his other novels too


I say novels, suggesting there are many, but I think there’s only a couple of novelette-type things, and some plays. They’re definitely ‘lesser’ works but still worthy of your time. I was really referring to Miss Lonelyhearts, which I think is just as brilliant as Day of the Locust!

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They sound compellingly lesser, if that makes sense. I believe one of them is a weird comedy set inside a Trojan horse and the other is a parody of a sort of aspirational American Dream kind of narrative.

I know he’s regarded as kind of being (very) early to the postmodern American sardonic sort of movement

And of course
Homer Simpson


Yeah, it doesn’t really diminish them. Love going into the periphery of an author’s works when I get a bit obsessed with them. The American Dream one is basically his version of Candide, and is very macabre, and very sardonic! He’s definitely got proto-postmodern vibes about him, but he seemed to have been so overlooked (Fitzgerald’s mate, mate) that he couldn’t have really influenced much, which makes him stand apart all the more as an original I think.


It’s weird the cover of sci fi masterworks version of dadoes looks like this one I have but they made it worse somehow


started reading this


can’t wait to find out a) who these people are and b) what it means to ‘eat’ darkness


Dig that cover