General Reading / Book Thread for 2019


yeah cover’s fine, mainly wanting to see if the words are good though

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I’m about half way into Day of the Locust and really enjoying it. Totally see what you mean, doesn’t feel like it’s been written in the 30’s at all.

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I’ve read this and I thought it was pretty good.

I need more true crime I think but I have no idea where to start.

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@ericV you had a crack at that Adrian Tchaikovsky one yet? It’s starting to irk me.



Dream Life of Balso Snell is weird.



Gonna start it on my ten hour flight on monday. How far in are you? What flavour of irkage?



Kindle app is shitting the bed so dunno exactly, but a bit over halfway?

Feels like he thinks he’s/it’s much cleverer than he/it actually is.

…well of course it looks ridiculous now that you’ve made me write it down!

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One of my faves is A Wilderness of Error by Errol Morris about the Jeffery McDonald case but it’s a big ol’ tome and heavy going. Could start with In Cold Blood if you’ve not read it.

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I tried to dip my toes into the world of true crime books but found my first one to be too upsetting/depressing to finish so it’s put me off a bit.
I think I prefer true crime podcasts/audiobooks more.

(I should probably finish this though as it is so very good)



@ericV I’ve given up on that pish. Back to LeGuin for me.



Which LeGuin?



The Left Hand of Darkness. It’ll be the first of hers that I’ve read. I’m excited.



just bought this for my non-fic hit

^brecher is john dolan. he has an unbelievable amount of knowledge of almost every region in the world, right down to the different historical tensions of that place. he writes in character as brecher so some of the language is a bit…problematic…and hasn’t aged very well. but it’s rare you get analysis this good.

and for fiction hit i’m about to start this

never read her work before for some reason so i’m really up for this, have heard so many good things.



Started part 3 of Gravity’s Rainbow. Into the Zone now (going to look up whether this is pre- or post-Stalker, or at least pre- or post-Roadside Picnic)

Can’t stress enough how good this is on a re-read



Just finished Hope In The Dark by Rebecca Solnit, (think someone on here mentioned it a while back). She’s a brilliant writer, did make me feel a bit guilty about doing basically fuck all though.

Also read The Ascent If Rum Doodle by WE Bowman, it’s a Three Men In A Boat sort of thing. Was good fun.



Finished ‘War and War’ by László Krasznahorkai and read the first to parts of Red Riding this week.

Had a massive gap in reading War and War as the middle dragged but found the ending well worth picking it up again. The Red Riding books are well written and good but obviously fucking nasty. Got a couple of pages through the third one but realised I was desperate for something a bit more pleasant.



has anyone read marquez’s strange pilgrims? i love that collection, i got it for a couple of quid in the oxfam shop a few years ago and i think i’ve read it like ten times. every story is so good.

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Brexit Thread w/c 28/1

Really enjoyed Gilead, it had some really beautiful writing. Looking forward to reading something else by her at some point.

Wanted something easy to read so reading Lord of the Rings as I’ve never read that. About half way through the Two Towers. I think because the writing is so descriptive I’m finding it quite hard to separate the book form the films. Still quite enjoying it though.

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Finished Notes From the Fog by Ben Marcus, which is that kinda split-second-from-now fiction. Pretty disturbing, but very good. Now reading Her Smoke Rose Up Forever, and just got through The Screwfly Solution. Haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It’s the perfect short story - technically amazing, meticulous, astute, so fucking finely tuned. Ahhh, she’s incredible! Can’t believe it took me till my thirties to find her.



Finally finished Middlesex, took the best part of six weeks.

Loved it. Just loved it. Definitely one I’ll be going back to at some point. Get to choose a new one when I get in shortly now :+1: