General reading/book thread for 2020

Hello! Spurred on by my desire to read more books in 2020 I thought I’d create this to keep me on track.

I bought two books at Christmas, one is called Life 3.0 and is about artificial intelligence, and the other is called Chopin’s Piano about classical romanticism. Both look fab. Started CP and enjoying it very much.

What’s on the cards for you this year? Gonna do more reading?


I’m going to try to intersperse reading and writing a bit more equally, whilst it was good reading so many books last year I didn’t do any writing really. Might try to aim for every book I finish I’ll write the equivalent of one chapter, doesn’t seem too daunting that way.

Really enjoyed some of the weirder stuff I read last year, so looking forward to more of that, and will try my hardest not to read too many trashy serial killer books.


My brother got me Ayoade on Top for Christmas, so I read that over the last couple of days. Found it very enjoyable.

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this is my current to read pile


Have to smash through the backlog, which means no new book buying for a few months.

Currently reading:
‘Count Zero’ by William Gibson.
‘Rave On’ by Matthew Collin.
‘Talking As Fast As I Can’ by Lauren Graham.
‘Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece’ by Hugo Vickers.
‘Mao: The Real Story’ by Alexander V. Pantsov and Steven I. Levine.

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Started on Dante’s Inferno. Bit of a tricky one to follow all the people/place’s he’s referencing.


The novelisation of the EA classic?


Reading Unsheltered. Good but long…

Got Overstory and Where the crawdads sing for Christmas to read, plus a load still on the to read shelf. Better get on it.

I got Grip of Film, I’ve really enjoyed the bits I’ve read of it

Reading a trilogy on the Nazis by Richard J Evans at the moment. I’m half way through the second book. After reading the third book I’ll read Dominic Sandbrook’s new one.

Just started darkmans for the 3rd time. I will complete it this time

I started reading Dune in August… and I’m still reading it :woman_facepalming:t2: Will try and get it finished this month. I’m not really on bookbook so don’t know what’s coming out this year aside from alcxxk’s partner’s new novel :partying_face:


Hate reading my way through this perishing malazan fantasy thing. Normally my cup of tea but this has been 744 pages of I can see why other people like this but it’s not really working for meand I’m not even 90% done yet. Really looking forward to polishing it off and moving onto something else.

i’ve decided life is too short to keep trying to get through a book i’m not enjoying


Yeah my wife keeps telling me to quit and I just can’t do it. Quite a compulsive completer finisher :neutral_face:


Will be interesting to know if the Kermode one feels dated. I read it when it came out and already I feel like cinema is a very different place.

Oh flip, I told myself I’d read ‘Dune’ this year! I must pick it up.

A friend who works in the book trade posted her 9 faves from last year’s 59 total reads for anyone looking for inspiration



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